Why Delis Need Online Ordering

Why Delis Need Online Ordering Local Express

The consumer demand for grocery store food service, also known as the “deli section,” is on the rise. Recent industry research indicates that this sector has surpassed its pre-COVID levels and is projected to continue this upward trend.

As customers increasingly crave the deli experience, grocers must be prepared to meet this growing demand.

Understanding how to offer the best deli online ordering or in-store kiosks is crucial to keeping up with demand in an increasingly eCommerce-first grocery environment.

But first, let’s take a look at how and why the deli ordering is on the rise.

The Rise Of the Deli

Grocery deli food service occupies a unique space in the prepared food market. Consumers typically see them as a quick option for ready-to-eat meals that are healthier than fast food—and they’re often right. 

Why Delis Need Online Ordering Local Express

Grocery store delis usually avoid deep fryers. Instead, they offer cold cuts, roasted chicken, and a variety of salads and sandwiches, all known for their freshness. Additionally, ethnic grocery stores stand out by providing unique, hard-to-find dishes and meat cuts that give them a competitive edge.

The fresh reputation significantly enhances delis’ appeal to health-conscious consumers, constituting about 25-30% of US shoppers. Additionally, delis attract busy individuals seeking quick, post-grocery shopping meals and those in search of dependable breakfast, lunch, or dinner choices.

A decrease in foot traffic post-pandemic hasn’t changed the fact that shoppers love their local delis, but it does mean grocery store owners have to change the way they market, promote, sell, and deliver their deli items.

Luckily, a customer-centric e-commerce platform, like the kind offered by Local Express, can not only increase the sale of ready-to-eat foods but also work in tandem to expand overall sales as well.

Why Delis Need Online Ordering Local Express

E-commerce Meal Delivery

Deli items, frequently impulse buys for grocery shoppers, attract those who come for meal ingredients but find it hard to resist the allure of convenient, freshly prepared food available in the deli section and its vicinity.

Moreover, some customers visit their local grocery store simply to shop at the deli, substituting an expensive restaurant meal or fast food trip for a fresher alternative that supports a local business.

Consumer preference for deli meals can easily extend to the online food retail realm. This transition necessitates a strategic blend of high-quality images, user-friendly ordering methods, and a unique array of products that distinguish independent and cultural grocery stores.

On top of that, when combined with other offers such as free grocery delivery or similar promotions, e-commerce shoppers will increasingly view their local e-grocery as a go-to option when ordering prepared food online.

Why Delis Need Online Ordering Local Express

Bringing Your Deli Online

There’s simply no reason for a local, independent grocery store to forego deli sales when they shift to online sales. Doing so not only creates a new revenue stream for your business but also helps recreate the in-store experience shoppers are accustomed to and long for in the online space.

If you’d like to see how a customer-centric online storefront can boost your grocery business, get in touch with us today to start bringing the best deli and grocery delivery services to new and long-time customers alike.

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