Increase Efficiency and Profits Of Your Food Business with New Features

Increase Efficiency and Profits Of Your Food Business with New Features
Increase Efficiency and Profits Of Your Food Business with New Features

Looking for something new in an eCommerce platform? Want new features that will help you optimize your operations, increase efficiency, and boost profits?

At Local Express, we’re always improving and are proud to announce a whole slew of new features and improvements to our platform. Let’s dive in.

Product Availability Schedule a supercharged upgrade!

Now, you’re not limited to just weekdays – you can customize your schedule with specific date ranges! Effortlessly reserve your Thanksgiving turkey or any other essentials for the exact date you need, ensuring your holiday feast is perfectly planned!

This is applied to the available date and time slots right at the checkout.
Your customers will love the flexibility!

How to Set It Up?

  • Simply hop over to your Partner dashboard.
  • Navigate to “Catalog”
  • Select “Product”
  • And click on “Set Availability Schedule” to get the ball rolling!

Payment Customization

This game changing update is all about making payments work seamlessly for you. With “Manual Payment Customization,” you’ll have complete control over multiple payment options. 

You can easily record cash transactions with this new feature. And if you’re worried about tracking, don’t be! Custom payments are included in reports, making them easy to track.

Modification Groups

In the past, product modification groups with seven or more items were automatically tucked away for easier viewing. But now – you’re the boss! Just hit the “Show More” button and your modification group unfolds. Modify it to be exactly what you need!

All you need to do is follow these simple steps:

Partner Web → Design tool → Settings → Modifications: “Collapse modifications by default”.

Product History + New Metrics

We’re supercharging inventory management with our latest improvements. We have implemented the ability to see product tracking history. Alongside that, there are new metrics like stock reason, last sold date from eCommerce, and last sold date from POS.

Product history helps you get a quick and convenient overview of all the actions taken on your product in the past.

  • In-stock metrics comes with analytics that explains whether the product is available or not. This gives you and the customers a clearer picture of your inventory status.
  • “Last Sold Date” from eCommerce metrics helps you track the last day your product was sold online, monitor stock levels, and understand product movements. Better access to data improves productivity.
  • POS sync metrics reveal the last sold date from your point of sale system, ensuring you’re always in the know about your physical store’s performance. Local Express is all about omnichannel.

Minimum Limit for Product Catalog Modifications

When you set the Item Choice to “Multiple Required” for a special promotion, after that you’ll get a “Min Limit” option right next to the “Max Limit Option.” You can customize promotions based on your inventory.

With this new feature, you have even more control! These are just new features; we have countless more configurations to help you save time.

New Features, New Possibilities

These new features present new possibilities for businesses. Take advantage of our hard work and put these new game changing features to use with Local Express!

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