Omnichannel Ecommerce Solutions

Unifying your customer's shopping experience across all channels.

What is Omnichannel Ecommerce?

Omnichannel ecommerce is a fully-integrated approach to commerce that provides shoppers with a unified experience across online and offline channels. With Local Express, we make omnichannel ecommerce easy, ensuring seamless shopping for your customers no matter how they choose to shop.

Why Omnichannel with Local Express?

Our omnichannel ecommerce solution allows you to integrate your physical and online stores, giving your customers a seamless shopping experience while increasing your sales.

Features of Our Omnichannel Ecommerce Solution


Bring your physical store online with our easy-to-use web platform


Enable shopping on the go with our custom mobile apps


Streamline in-store ordering with our integrated kiosk systems

Benefits of Omnichannel Ecommerce

By providing a seamless and integrated shopping experience, you can increase customer satisfaction, loyalty, and ultimately, sales. Here are the benefits of implementing an omnichannel strategy with Local Express.

Increased sales

Improved customer experience

Enhanced data collection

Higher customer retention

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main advantage of omnichannel ecommerce?
The main advantage of omnichannel ecommerce is that it provides a unified and seamless shopping experience for your customers, regardless of the channel they use. This can lead to increased customer satisfaction, loyalty, and ultimately, higher sales.
How can Local Express help my business transition to an omnichannel model?
Local Express helps you integrate all your sales channels - physical store, online store, mobile app, and more - into one platform. This allows you to manage your inventory, orders, and customer data centrally, making the transition to an omnichannel model seamless and efficient.
How does Local Express synchronize my in-store and online inventory?
With our robust Inventory Management and POS Sync feature, Local Express ensures that your in-store and online inventory levels are always up-to-date. Any changes in one channel are immediately reflected in the other, preventing overselling and stock discrepancies.
How can customers benefit from omnichannel shopping?
Omnichannel shopping provides customers with a seamless and consistent experience, whether they're shopping from a mobile device, laptop, or in-store. They can shop wherever they want, however they want, and even switch between channels mid-transaction. This customer-centric approach to retail can significantly enhance their shopping experience.
How can I integrate my existing ecommerce platform with Local Express?
Local Express has been designed for seamless integration with most popular ecommerce platforms. Our team of experts will work with you during the setup process to ensure a smooth transition and integration, minimizing any disruption to your business operations.
Can I customize my online store using Local Express?
Absolutely! With our drag-n-drop website & mobile app builder, you can easily customize your online store's look and feel to match your brand. Our platform is flexible and scalable, allowing you to add features and functionalities as your business needs evolve.

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