3 Ways to Drive Vegetarian & Vegan Grocery Stores Sales

With many exciting opportunities to reap, what can vegan and vegetarian grocers do to drive more sales? With the plant-based diet becoming more popular than ever, vegan and vegetarian grocery store sales have the potential to boom

Apps You Need to Run a Successful eCommerce Business

With “anchor store” retail now changing forever, the next generation of food retailers will maximize their profits and grow their customer base during the delivery renaissance. Leveraging technology is the key milestone on this journey.

How To Reduce Grocery Delivery Costs

Grocery delivery costs often deter customers, and although there’s no surefire way to eliminate those types of charges completely, there are ways to shave off costs in other ways while also selling more products that you can use to grow your online business.

Get Ready for Valentine’s Day Shopping: Tips for Restaurants & Local Grocers

All around the world, this year’s Valentine’s celebration will likely be different from previous ones. With social distancing still in place, many people will switch theme parks and cinemas for a picnic in a local park or a romantic dinner at home. Either way, great food will be involved.

How to take your Butcher shop online: A step- by step guide

Though it seems hard at first, creating and running a successful butcher shop online doesn’t require a bunch of time and money. All you need is a reliable eCommerce platform that supports full branding, integrations, and tools to build quality relationships with your customers.

How to withstand the post-holiday depression

When all other retailers are quiet, take the chance to boost up your business. Treat your customers with flash sales, coupons, discounts, free gifts, and loyalty programs that additionally ensure a safe ground for the upcoming year.

Finding The Best eCommerce Platform For Restaurants

There are several key aspects to look for when finding the best eCommerce platform for restaurants. No matter the location, restaurants across the United States are adapting to a new online-first sales environment, and need the best eCommerce platform to meet their needs.

How groceries can boost growth beyond COVID-19

Expanding business online brings forward new challenges. The decisions grocery stores make to meet both the increase in demand and the new competitive landscape will determine their position far beyond 2020.

How Independent Grocery Stores Can Use SNAP To Drive Sales

Retailers need to implement new features to stand out among a number of competitors and meet the market demand.

Why Retailers Should Sell Food Online

The online food sales model isn’t just a key change for 2020—it’s a long-term shift that will affect virtually everyone who purchases their food from a retailer.

Why Delis Need Online Ordering

There’s simply no reason for a local, independent grocery store to forego deli sales when they shift to online sales. Doing so not only creates a new revenue stream for your business but also helps recreate the in-store experience shoppers are accustomed to.

How Restaurants Can Use Technology To Spur Growth

Bagrat Safaryan, the CEO of Local Express, an omnichannel SaaS grocery eCommerce platform shares his ideas on how restaurants can use technology to spur growth.

Should You Offer Free Grocery Delivery?

When deciding whether or not to free grocery shopping delivery, it’s important to consider all the relevant factors that affect your business. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Building The Best Grocery Shopping App

For grocery stores of all sizes, the best solution is a white-label app that allows for a robust infrastructure and easy customization. Local Express offers all this and more, with an end-to-end platform with easy backend tools to make online ordering and delivery a breeze.

The Benefits Of Online Supermarket Shopping

From groceries to delis to full-service restaurants, the online food retail revolution has arrived in full force. Here are some of the ways online supermarkets can not only improve their sales but also create a better online ordering experience that spurs customer loyalty in a digital-first world.

Halla and Local Express Collaboration

Halla, a taste intelligence company that helps grocers predict customer preferences in real-time, is now partnering with Local Express to provide its independent grocers tan enhanced digital shopping experience for customers based on predictive behavior. As the pandemic has pushed more customers more quickly to e-commerce, grocers have had to adapt their services very quickly while trying to make e-commerce profitable.

Community Foods Market Introduces Online Ordering with Local Express

While some businesses went bankrupt or suffered heavily, others took advantage of the situation and turned to online ordering and delivery.

4 keys to create an eCommerce your customers will use

It’s no secret that customers these days choose to surf the net and buy all the products they need from the comfort of their homes…

3 Advantages of Independent Retailers

Building an online store from scratch may be troublesome and sure enough planning fallacy steps in quite often, which means it typically takes a lot longer than we planned.

How to rebuild your business in the post COVID economy

“How Business Leaders Plan To Rebuild In The Post COVID Economy”, Bagrat Safaryan shared his thoughts and experiences mainly through the example of Local Express, which he co-founded in January 2017.

Quick Serve Restaurant Chain Grill City Using Local Express eCommerce Platform

Grill City quick serve restaurant chain cooperates with Seafood City stores, which installed the Local Express e-commerce solution earlier this year.

Seafood City Joins Local Express eCommerce Platform

The Local Express e-commerce platform offers a full-service, omni channel (web & mobile) solution for independent retailers. It features a database with more than 1 million grocery items along with multiple options for store pick-up and delivery. The program has proven to exceed customer expectations and help the stores grow revenue in the process.

Local Express Boosts Partnership Program with Industry Veteran Tedd McCowan

The Local Express e-commerce platform offers a full-service, omni channel (web & mobile) solution for independent retailers. It features a database with more than 1 million grocery items along with multiple options for store pick-up and delivery. The program has proven to exceed customer expectations and help the stores grow revenue in the process.

Co-opportunity Launches Two Stores on Local Express eCommerce Platform

Local Express’s omni-channel (web + mobile) platform as a solution allows co-opportunity to manage their online business in-house. The retailer controls the complete process from ordering-fulfillment to pick-up, while keeping their brand in front of the shopper at all times.

Local Express COVID-19 Guidelines

Our mission at Local Express is to help our retailers succeed and prosper. The following Best Practices will help independent grocers, bakers, beverage sellers and more operate safely through the pandemic

Basics of eCommerce

Online shopping isn’t just the future of the grocery industry—it’s the present. Local Express’s grocery industry eCommerce platform provides a fully customizable, adaptable experience.