Finding The Best eCommerce Platform For Restaurants

There are several key aspects to look for when finding the best eCommerce platform for restaurants. No matter the location, restaurants across the United States are adapting to a new online-first sales environment, and need the best eCommerce platform to meet their needs.

How groceries can boost growth beyond COVID-19

Expanding business online brings forward new challenges. The decisions grocery stores make to meet both the increase in demand and the new competitive landscape will determine their position far beyond 2020.

How Independent Grocery Stores Can Use SNAP To Drive Sales

Retailers need to implement new features to stand out among a number of competitors and meet the market demand.

Why Retailers Should Sell Food Online

The online food sales model isn’t just a key change for 2020—it’s a long-term shift that will affect virtually everyone who purchases their food from a retailer.

Why Delis Need Online Ordering

There’s simply no reason for a local, independent grocery store to forego deli sales when they shift to online sales. Doing so not only creates a new revenue stream for your business but also helps recreate the in-store experience shoppers are accustomed to.

How Restaurants Can Use Technology To Spur Growth

Bagrat Safaryan, the CEO of Local Express, an omnichannel SaaS grocery eCommerce platform shares his ideas on how restaurants can use technology to spur growth.

Should You Offer Free Grocery Delivery?

When deciding whether or not to free grocery shopping delivery, it’s important to consider all the relevant factors that affect your business. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Building The Best Grocery Shopping App

For grocery stores of all sizes, the best solution is a white-label app that allows for a robust infrastructure and easy customization. Local Express offers all this and more, with an end-to-end platform with easy backend tools to make online ordering and delivery a breeze.

The Benefits Of Online Supermarket Shopping

Consumers have fundamentally changed the way they shop for groceries in 2020, shifting from a largely in-store shopping experience to an emphasis on finding a great supermarket online. Looking ahead to the rest of the decade, it’s clear that more and more shoppers will continue to order their favorite items and brands from the comfort […]

Halla and Local Express Collaboration

Managing inventory online and collecting orders is the first step to set up your online store. Next, sellers focus on marketing processes, such as customer acquisition and retention. The key to succeed here is analyzing customers’ shopping experience and understanding purchase behavior. This valuable information sets ground for smart recommendations and effective upsales and due […]

Community Foods Market Introduces Online Ordering with Local Express

With recent pandemic outbreaks, it’s no surprise that consumers ordering patterns have changed adjusting to the “brave new world”. It became a real challenge for the stores to preserve the sales yet keep the employees and shoppers safe. While some businesses went bankrupt or suffered heavily, others took advantage of the situation and turned to […]

4 keys to create an eCommerce your customers will use

A steadily growing trend towards online ordering and delivery services has affected both sellers and buyers, and clearly, customer behavior and preferences are shifting significantly.  It’s no secret that customers these days choose to surf the net and buy all the products they need from the comfort of their homes. Blame it on laziness or […]

3 Advantages of Independent Retailers

Now that the online retail industry is growing at a rapid pace, we all wonder what it takes to jump into the digital world and succeed. Blame it on pandemic or laziness, it has become clear that people prefer to order food and groceries online, so when making a business in this niche, the odds […]

How to rebuild your business in the post COVID economy

Charlie Katz had a friendly yet informative talk on eCommerce business development, pandemic, post COVID economy with Bagrat Safaryan, the CEO of the omnichannel SaaS E-Grocery commerce platform, Local Express. The interview is devoted to sharing the success story of a company from the “leadership” point of view. As part of the series “How Business […]

Quick Serve Restaurant Chain Grill City Using Local Express E-commerce Platform

Grill City, a famous Filipino-style barbeque restaurant with locations in the US and Canada, has entered the digital e-commerce world with Local Express, the provider of the best omni-channel platform for independent grocers. Grill City quick serve restaurant chain cooperates with Seafood City stores, which installed the Local Express e-commerce solution earlier this year. In […]

Seafood City Joins Local Express E-commerce Platform

June 24, 2020 Seafood City Joins Local Express E-commerce Platform Filipino supermarket chain marks first Local Express retailer with locations in the US and Canada GLENDALE, CA – Seafood City Supermarket, a 32-store chain with locations in California, Nevada, Washington, Hawaii, Chicago and Canada selling Filipino specialties and general grocery items, is launching a digital […]

Local Express Boosts Partnership Program with Industry Veteran Tedd McCowan

GLENDALE, CA – Local Express, the provider of the most functional e-commerce platform for independent grocers, named long-time grocery industry pro Tedd McCowan Director of Partnerships with responsibility for developing new supplier, reseller and technology alliances. “Tedd is exactly who we need to further establish Local Express into the retail grocery industry. He’s an innovative […]

Co+opportunity Launches Two Stores on Local Express E-commerce Platform

Comprehensive online shopping program is up-and-running in less than 10 days GLENDALE, CA — Co+opportunity, a locally-owned market specializing in natural and organic food and wellness products, has rolled out a digital store based on technology from Local Express, the provider of the most functional e-commerce platform for independent grocers, to help bring added online […]

Local Express COVID-19 Guidelines

Beating COVID-19 is going to require an immense effort from every government and private sector organization across the entire world. In some cases, the best option is to shut down operationally, conserve cash, maintain talent resource to whatever degree possible, try to donate/give where it will do the most good, and plan for the post […]