8 Best Tools for Your Local Express Store and Boosting Profits

8 Best Tools for Your Local Express Store and Boosting Profits

In the online grocery and food business, a store isn’t the only thing you need. You also need tools and technologies that can help you expand your customer base, satisfy customers, increase sales, and more. Those tools and technologies can be what sets you apart from the rest. 

However, finding the right tools is often a challenge. In an oversaturated market, how can you find the right technologies to help empower your business? At Local Express, we aim to make that process simple.

We have a wide variety of tools that are tailored to the food and grocery business, ensuring you’ll have everything you need for success. So let’s take some time to look at 8 of our best tools for grocery and food businesses. 

1. Mobile App

First and foremost, your online store needs to have a mobile app. Customers want to purchase when, where, and how they want, and having a mobile is a big part of that. Building your own mobile app from the ground up can be a daunting task though, especially for small businesses. 

With Local Express, however, it’s simple. We will have your mobile app up and running in no time, that way you can start making sales right away. And you’ll have the freedom to fully customize your app, that way your branding can shine. 

2. Delivery App and Pickup

Customers want to shop where and when they want, and the same goes for delivery. Customers want to have options about where and how their products are delivered. You need to offer flexible delivery options that include home delivery, in-store pickup, curbside pickup, and more. 

At Local Express, we have all the shipping and delivery options your customers need. You’ll have no problem ensuring your customers get their products delivered exactly how they want. It’s not just about customers though. 

Managing the delivery process can also be a challenge for store owners, which is why we also offer a delivery app. With our app, you’ll be able to more effectively manage and track the delivery process. With Local Express, you’ll satisfy customers while making your life easier at the same time.

Local Express: Delivery App and Pickup

3. Inventory Management 

Inventory management has long been a time-sink for food retailers. Tracking and managing inventory is essential, but doing it the old-fashioned way simply takes too much time. So what can you do?

Our inventory management system simplifies and streamlines inventory management. You can manage inventory across all of your stores, online or in-person, from one dashboard. You’ll save lots of time and stress on inventory management, freeing you up to focus on the things that really matter. 

On top of that, you can avoid losing sales like many stores due to products being out of stock. With our inventory management tools, you can make sure your best products are always in stock.

4. Simplified Store Management 

As with inventory management, we understand how big of a pain point store management can be. That’s why we’ve also worked hard to simplify the store management process as well. 

With our store management tools, you’ll be able to more quickly and effectively manage your store. Whether it’s setting schedules, dealing with orders, or customer service, our suite of store management tools will empower you to more simply manage your store.

5. POS and Quick Sync

POS systems are another common pain point for food retailers. They can often be a pain to deal with, and changing POS systems can be a very stressful process. Things are made easier with Local Express, however. 

Local Express integrates quickly and seamlessly with most POS services. You’ll have no problem using your current POS system with Local Express. And if you want to change POS systems later on, that’s simple too thanks to quick sync

Local Express: POS and Quick Sync

6. Pre-Order Meals

Being able to sell prepared food might not sound like a big deal, but many platforms don’t offer support for prepared food options. But if you’re a food retailer that offers prepared foods like deli meals, being able to sell those products via your app and online store is essential. And with Local Express, you’ll have no problem doing so.

We know how important prepared food is to the livelihoods of many food retailers, so we made sure that our platform supports prepared food. Lots of stores lose sales because customers can’t order prepared or weighted foods online. 

Your customers will be able to order their favorite dishes with customization options, and our order management system makes things easier for your employees too thanks to our kitchen display system with pre-order functionality and time of the day menu.

Local Express: Pre-Order Meals
Local Express: Pre-Order Meals

7. In-Store Kiosk

You may not think of in-store kiosks as an essential technology for your store, but you might be surprised at the value they can bring to your store. Between increased customer satisfaction, money/time savings, and increased sales, they have a lot to offer. 

Our in-store kiosks offer numerous benefits. They empower customers to order how they want to, increasing customer satisfaction. And while they’re ordering, the kiosks can boost sales via upselling. And with kiosks helping customers order and get the service they need, you’ll save time and money on check-out lines as well. That’s not all though. 

Local Express in-store kiosks can also gather important customer data. As you’ll soon find out in the next section, customer data can be an incredibly valuable tool for your business. 

Local Express: In-Store Kiosk

8. AI and Manual Merchandising

Last but not least, our AI and manual merchandising tools are another great resource for your store. With AI merchandising, you can let AI automatically merchandise your products in an effective way. Utilizing customer data, the AI knows which products to put first and which ones customers want. 

And if you’d rather play a more direct role in merchandising, we have you covered. With our manual merchandising tools, you can merchandise your products in just a few clicks. Merchandising exactly how you want is simple with Local Express. 

Local Express: AI and Manual Merchandising

Get the Best Tools for Your Store With Local Express

As a grocer or food retailer, you want the best tools possible for your store. They will help you get more customers, provide better service, and increase your profits significantly. And when you choose Local Express, you get our suite of tools that are the best in the business. So get started with Local Express today!

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