Ecommerce Platform for Grocers and Food Retailers: How Local Express Stands Out

Ecommerce Platform for Grocers and Food Retailers: How Local Express Stands Out

If your business is in the food industry, get some of the best solutions to help you manage your grocery store and satisfy your customers with Local Express.

Local Express software and hardware for Independent Grocers and Food Retailers work together to give you and your employees the power and flexibility to do whatever needs doing — whether you’re a small food business or enterprise to get a huge advantage in revenue.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of Local Express and what makes them unique.

Benefits of Local Express

1. Quick set-up. Local Express’s onboarding time is only 24 hours, and it comes with continued partner support. Your shop will be up and running in no time, letting you make sales as soon as possible.

2. Flexible pricing. Every business has different needs and limitations, which is why Local Express uses flexible pricing. We can work with you to ensure that you are getting the services you need at a fair price. 

3. Easy integrations. No one wants to change their IT systems, POS systems, and more when setting up an ecommerce business. With Local Express, you won’t have to worry since our platform integrates easily with most existing systems for IT, POS, and more.

4. Delivery options. Modern customers want a choice in how their products are delivered, and Local Express gives them that choice. Our platform supports options for curbside, in-store pickup, same-day delivery, shipping, and more. 

5. Small and large business support. Many e-commerce platforms only cater to large or small businesses, but Local Express is proud to support both. You won’t have to worry about the size of your business or growing too large for the platform with Local Express.

6. Search engine optimization. Having your website and content optimized for the web is essential, and Local Express works hard to make sure your website is optimized for search engines like Google. 

7. Live support. Technical issues are inevitable, especially in the e-commerce world. But with live support from Local Express, you can rest assured knowing that your web store is in good hands and will be fixed promptly should issues arise.

8. Loyalty program support. Customers love loyalty programs, and they’re a great way to keep customers coming back. However, many e-commerce platforms make implementing loyalty programs difficult. Thankfully, it’s simple to do with Local Express. 

9. Payment options. As with shipping, customers want flexibility in how they pay. Whether they want to use credit, debit, EBT, ApplePay, PayPal, or something else, you need to accommodate that. And when you choose Local Express, your customers will be able to pay with a wide range of payment options. 

10. Fully customized and branded app. Your online store should be branded to match your in-person store(s) to create a cohesive, omnichannel brand experience. Local Express makes customizing your app simple, that way you can quickly create a uniform experience across platforms.

11. Inventory management dashboard. Inventory management can be a huge time sink, especially if you have multiple stores/locations. With the Local Express inventory management dashboard, you can manage all of your inventory across multiple stores/locations from a single dashboard, making inventory easier than ever.

12. Driver app. Local Express’s fully integrated driver app can streamline logistics, as well as provide tracking and signature options so you can ensure your products are delivered on time and properly. 

13. SMS and push notification support. In the modern era, informing your customers of the latest deals and news is key. Many platforms don’t support SMS and push notifications, but Local Express does. With our tech, you won’t have any problems keeping your customers up-to-date.

14. Marketing tools. Working with Local Express gives you access to a wide variety of marketing tools that can help you attract customers and boost sales. With things like smart analytics and automated email campaigns on your side, you’re bound to increase sales. 

15. No product limit. Many ecommerce platforms limit the number of products you have, which can limit your sales and hamper business. Local Express is proud to have no product limit, meaning you can sell all of your products without worrying about hitting a limit. 

16. Product recommendations. Upselling and showing your customers products that they may like based on their purchase history can help you increase your revenue. Local Express provides support for product recommendations, meaning it will be easy to show your customers products perfect for them. 

17. In-store kiosks. Kiosks have proven to be a valuable asset for many businesses in recent years, and Local Express offers a kiosk system that can help you save time and money while boosting your sales. 

18. Worldwide shipping. Ecommerce is an increasingly global market, and you need to be able to send your products all over the world. Though many platforms don’t support worldwide shipping, Local Express does. 

19. Customer communication. Local Express has customer communication apps built directly into our platform, so it’s easy to help customers troubleshoot, get feedback, and more.  

You can be confident in choosing Local Express for your ecommerce business. 

Local Express: A Side-By-Side Comparison

Ecommerce Platform for Grocers and Food Retailers: How Local Express Stands Out

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