How Local Express Differs From the Rest

As an independent grocer, you need the best platform available for your online store. The right platform will propel your business toward success by providing all the right tools and resources you need. But which one do you choose? 

Local Express stands out amongst the rest as the best ecommerce platform for independent grocers and food retailers. We have numerous features, tools, and options that make our platform distinct from the others. Let’s take a look at five ways Local Express differs from the rest.

1. We Are a Food Platform

You sell food, and your platform should be custom-tailored to food. Luckily, Local Express was designed with food in mind. Whether you run a grocery store, deli, seafood market, bakery, catering business, or other food store, we are uniquely positioned to meet your needs. 

Everything on our platform was made with food sales in mind. From inventory and POS to shipping and delivery, you can be confident that our services will meet all of your needs. We made sure that things like custom orders, inventory management, and data collection were easy with Local Express. 

2. Delivery Options

When it comes to online grocery, delivery can be make or break. If you want to satisfy your customers and meet their needs, you need to offer a wide range of quick and efficient delivery options. And with Local Express, you’ll have no problem providing best-in-class delivery. 

We are the only online storefront platform that supports shipping as well as delivery and in-store pickup. We also offer other delivery options, such as BOPIS and curbside pick-up. No matter how your customers want to get their orders, you’ll be able to meet their needs.

Speaking of curbside pickup, we offer an advanced collecting flow for curbside pickup. You can configure your own packaging with different types, dispatch storage with different types, and curbside parking slots (via QR codes).

We also integrate directly with all the leading shipping companies. Whether you prefer USPS, UPS, FedEx, or someone else, you’ll be able to work with your favorite partners.

3. 48-hour Set-Up and Powerful Tools

When you’re ready to open an online store or move your online store to a different platform, you don’t want to wait weeks upon weeks for it to be ready. You want the store to be live as soon as possible so you can start making sales. 

While many of our competitors will leave you waiting, we will have your store live and ready-to-go in 48 hours. We do all the heavy lifting, that way you can focus on customizing your store and adding your own unique brand flair. With Local Express, you’ll be making sales in no time.

And on top of that, we have a suite of power tools like AI merchandising and in-store kiosks that will empower you and your customers. 

With AI merchandising, you can automatically merchandise your products in the best way possible based on customer data. Our AI knows which products should be upfront, which ones sell the best, and more. The result is boosted sales and customer satisfaction. 

Combined with our in-store kiosks, you’ll be making sales like never before. Our kiosks can help collect customer data, which can then be used for merchandising, stocking, and more. Besides that, they can also increase sales via upselling

With these tools, you’ll have no problem optimizing your business and reaching your goals.

3. Integrations

Integrations are a key part of running an online food store. Inventory, POS, shipping, delivery, payment, marketing, and more are all made easier with integrations. However, many ecommerce platforms don’t support integration or make it complicated if they do. 

At Local Express though, we understand the importance of integration. That’s why we support automatic integration for most popular third-party applications. You’ll have no problem working with your favorite third-party apps and integrating them into your store. We support all of the major apps for shipping, delivery, payment, marketing, and more—so don’t worry about whether or not your favorites are compatible. 

4. Support

Lastly, let’s talk about support. Whether it’s support for your customers or support for you, it’s an essential part of any successful ecommerce business. You need to be able to help your customers when they’re in need, and you’ll need some help at some point too. 

That’s why we have worked hard to ensure that we offer great support for customers and owners. For you, we offer dedicated account representatives. They are ready to help you out on a daily basis, so someone will always have your back. And for your customers, we offer 24/7 support as well. So whether you or your customers have a problem and need help, we’ll be there to help. 

The Best Platform for Independent Grocers

In a market flooded with options, you need to choose the best ecommerce platform for independent grocers. At Local Express, we are proud to be the only and best ecommerce platform specifically for grocers and food retailers.

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