How Seafood City entered the digital space with great success

Seafood City is a supermarket chain of 33 locations in the U.S. and Canada
headquartered in Pomona, California. The chain also operates Grill City – a quick-service barbecue and a la carte Asian restaurant – at many of their stores.
Seafood City’s mission is to provide members of the Filipino community with the taste and ambiance they might’ve been able to experience back home. Over 70% of Seafood City’s customers are Filipino, but the chain wants to be able to reach out to anyone who wants fresh seafood, quick service barbecue, or ready-made delicacies and broaden their culinary perspective.
Before the pandemic struck, Seafood City had online retail on their roadmap, but after the shelter-in-place orders, it became imperative that they reactivate their online plan fast.

In this case-study we’re sharing how Seafood City grew their online sales from 0 to 8% in just six months.

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