Quick Serve Restaurant Chain Grill City Using Local Express eCommerce Platform

Quick Serve Restaurant Chain Grill City Using Local Express E-commerce Platform

Grill City, a famous Filipino-style barbecue restaurant with locations in the US and Canada, has entered the digital e-commerce world with Local Express, the provider of the best omnichannel platform for independent grocers. Grill City’s quick-serve restaurant chain cooperates with Seafood City stores, which installed the Local Express e-commerce solution earlier this year.

In addition to providing for enterprise supermarket chains, Local Express has created a unique technology to manage food plates and in-store prepared dishes, which allows a unique ability to create customizable combination plates, rather than picking a standard meal, giving customers added freedom of choice. Grill City is a vivid example of a successful online restaurant implementation, which is a largely untapped market for cost-effective digital retail solutions.

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About Local Express

Local Express provides eCommerce turn-key solutions for brick and mortar food retailers. Deployed at more than 150 stores across the USA and Canada, the system allows sellers to create and manage their online restaurant, bakeries, groceries, etc. With a product database included and low delivery fees, the program has proven to exceed customer expectations and help the stores build up their online presence exceptionally fast. The system is comprehensive, scalable, easily implemented, and provides shoppers with multiple delivery options.

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