Achieving a 10% Increase in Online Sales: The Success Story of Big Square’s eCommerce Strategy

The Success Story of Big Square's eCommerce Strategy
The Success Story of Big Square’s eCommerce Strategy


Big Square is a popular local ethnic-centric grocery store in the Los Angeles area. They started in 2019 to offer online ordering, curbside pickup, and delivery of groceries – i.e. eCommerce solutions – as an increasing number of customers were asking for such services.

Identifying the Challenges

As the “online grocery” grew, Big Square encountered several obstacles typical to expanding a grocery eCommerce business. They needed to improve their operational flow, enhance order collection efficiency, and boost customer satisfaction. Despite a vast product selection, their online presentation and delivery services were not meeting customers’ expectations. An effective and user-friendly online ordering system, equipped with insightful reporting capabilities, became essential.

Implementing the Solution

Mobile Application for Big Square
Mobile Application for Big Square

Facing additional challenges to the online business, Big Square chose to implement a comprehensive eCommerce solution working closely with Local Express, which provided the necessary tools for a smooth online store operation. This platform stood out due to its user-friendly interface, efficient order processing, and powerful reporting features. For example, for their popular Deli & Bakery section, they optimized their item menu for details, ensuring customers had access to all the information needed to make informed decisions.

Online Ordering Integration

Kitchen Display System with Local Express
Kitchen Display System with Local Express

The integration with Local Express marked a turning point for Big Square.

Foremost, the Local Express platform is integrated directly with Big Square’s existing POS system. This resulted in a fast rollout of eCommerce to their customers. Additionally, Big Square did not have to purchase or switch POS systems which is a significant cost savings. 

Furthermore, the eCommerce solution by Local Express is very user-friendly not only for customers but also for store associates and management. By utilizing the all-in-one platform, they can monitor, collect, and stage an increasing number of online orders efficiently. As part of the offering, store associates can use the Local Express App to efficiently collect and track online orders – again without the need for expensive hardware or a separate software solution. This adaption made order collection faster and more efficient, enhancing the overall process. 

Finally, thanks to Local Express’s reliable platform, there was a seamless connection between Big Square’s inventory and its customers, offering an improved online shopping experience – i.e. better fill rate and accurate pricing.

Impact on Sales and Delivery Reach

This strategic enhancement in online and mobile ordering systems led to a 10% increase in online sales over the past year. Additionally, Big Square was able to extend its delivery reach to 15 miles, thus serving a wider customer base. This was a direct result of the improved order and delivery systems.

Customer Satisfaction and Reviews

Customer Satisfaction and Reviews
Customer Satisfaction and Reviews

The response from customers has been exceptionally positive. The ease of use of the platform, along with the comprehensive product details, significantly improved the shopping experience. Customers appreciated the thorough product information and efficient delivery service, often expressing their satisfaction with Local Express in their reviews.


Big Square Online Store’s journey underscores the importance of selecting the right eCommerce tools and partnerships for growth and customer satisfaction. For businesses aiming to scale their online operations, Big Square’s strategy offers key insights.

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