Local Express Empowers Grocers With ShoptoCook

Local Express, an eCommerce solution tailored to independent food retailers, has teamed up with ShoptoCook, a digital media platform that connects independent food retailers with customers in-store and online. The partnership will enable grocery retailers to access a variety of technology solutions, one of the most exciting of those being kiosks.  

The solution, developed by Local Express, enables ShoptoCook clients to integrate a deli and catering model into their in-store media kiosks. Upgraded software allows customers to bypass the line and place orders they can conveniently pick up while buying other items in the store. The goal is to help food and beverage retailers boost productivity and reduce strain on employees. Kiosk stations also minimize customer wait time, resulting in a seamless, omnichannel shopping experience that will ultimately increase customer satisfaction.

The kiosk system serves as a marketing engine as it integrates with existing point-of-sale systems and loyalty programs. Local Express’ kiosk module is independent of kiosk hardware, which means that the app can run on a low-cost tablet or be integrated into a store’s existing kiosk framework.

“One of Local Express’ missions is to provide tools for independent grocers and to offer advanced shopping options to their shoppers, such as kiosks,” said Bagrat Safaryan, CEO of Glendale, California-based Local Express, which launched its kiosk service last September. “We are excited to be working with ShoptoCook’s advanced in-store kiosks, which are already in high demand. Both companies are dedicated to bringing leading-edge technologies to the independent grocers.” 

“We are always working to provide innovative solutions and services to our customers,” noted Mark Pruszinske, chief marketing officer at Williamsville, N.Y.-based ShoptoCook, whose platform is used by more than 1,200 retail locations. “Utilizing our extensive network of kiosks and working with Local Express, we can provide in-store ordering options to shorten the line and take pressure off the front-line workers. Local Express’ solution can be added to our existing kiosks, so switching the feature on is quick and simple.”

Local Express’ branded service allows brick-and-mortar companies to own their entire eCommerce operations from purchase to delivery. This encompasses full POS integration, inventory category management, real-time data analytics reporting tools, and total customization of the look and feel of their own branded online storefront. 

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