Sell More with a Self-Service Kiosk System

Cross-platform solution that provides the right tools to instantly sell and update products on any device at any location.

Scale your business

Robust Kiosk Self-Ordering Service with everything you need to sell in-store, online, and everywhere in between.




Coffee Shops

Grocery Stores

Food Trucks

Improve in-store experience

Increase your profit

• Additional purchases with suggested up-sells
• Fewer employees needed for ordering lanes →time-saving benefits for you

Raise customer satisfaction

• No queues and long waiting
• Improved grocery experience (order customization)
• Variety of payment methods

Get to know your customers

• Collecting detailed data on Customers' preferences, popular items for precise targeting

Game Changing Technology

Omnichannel Sales

Cross Devise Kiosk. 
Run your Self Service Kiosk Store on any Hardware

Customizable Menus

Update your menu items in real-time, offering custom dishes, daily specials and seasonal items effortlessly

Order Management and Kitchen Display System

From pre-orders to immediate needs, manage all customer orders in one place

Seamless Inventory

Use our easy-to-use system to manage inventory with ease

POS Integration

Seamlessly sync your prepared food menu and orders with your existing POS system for real-time updates

Cloud Printers & Department Splitting

Update your menu items in real-time, offering custom dishes, daily specials and seasonal items effortlessly.

Know your Customer

Collect data about your customers and review shopper'sprofiles. A system of personalized dashboards will help totrack your success and make decisions about yourbusiness expansion.

Analytics and Reporting:

Gain insights into employee performance, customer behavior, sales trends, and kiosk performance with our robust analytics and reporting features

Kiosk Ordering Flow

Cross-platform solution that provides the right tools to instantly sell and update products on any device at any location

Multiple payment options

Cross Device

Buy our partners' kiosk hardware with pre-installed Local Express Kiosk solution with endless customization.

Pay via Smartphone

Receive payment via Bluetooth and chip reader.

Pay via Cashier

Receive payments at your cash register.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do self-service kiosks enhance the ordering process?
Our kiosks streamline ordering, reduce wait times, and allow for easy customization of food orders.
Can the kiosk menu be updated in real-time?
Yes, menu items, prices, and specials can be updated instantly.
What payment methods are supported?
Our kiosks support a variety of payment methods including credit cards, mobile payments, and cash transactions.
How do self-service kiosks benefit my business?
They increase order accuracy, provide upselling opportunities, and allow for efficient labor utilization.
Can I customize the look and feel of the kiosk to match my brand?
Absolutely, our kiosks are fully customizable to align with your brand aesthetics.
What hardware is supported for the self-service kiosks?
We support our partners' hardware including Samsung kiosks, along with any other hardware running Android and iOS. Additionally, we support iPads and Android tablets, allowing a wide range of hardware options to fit your needs.
How do kiosks handle data security?
Our kiosks comply with industry-standard data security protocols to ensure safe transactions.
Can kiosks integrate with my existing POS system?
Yes, our kiosks can seamlessly integrate with most POS systems for a unified retail solution.
What kind of data can I collect from the kiosks?
Kiosks provide valuable data on customer preferences, popular items, and sales trends to aid in business decision-making.
Is there support available for setup and maintenance?
Yes, we provide comprehensive support for setup, training, and ongoing maintenance to ensure smooth operations.
How do customers find using the self-service kiosks?
Customers generally find the kiosks user-friendly, providing a modern and efficient ordering experience.

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