Creating New Revenue Opportunities with Kiosks

Creating New Revenue Opportunities with Kiosks

Increasing revenue is an endless pursuit for grocers and food retailers. Who doesn’t want to create new revenue opportunities for their business? However, that’s easier said than done. 

Finding effective ways to increase revenue can be harder than it seems. Many opportunities aren’t what they seem, and many fail to actually increase your revenue. So what can you do to create new revenue opportunities?

At Local Express, we are happy to offer self-service kiosks that can be an incredibly effective way to increase revenue while giving your customers a shopping experience that goes beyond the expected.

Let’s take a closer look at our self-service kiosks and how they can help your business succeed.

More Options, More Sales

There are numerous ways in which Local Express can help you increase your revenue. By providing more options, for both you and your customers, our ecommerce platform will help you boost sales. 

With our technologies like self-service kiosks, you’ll have more control over your business. You can choose what products to highlight, which ones to put on sale, what ads go on kiosks, and more. This lets you fine-tune your business to increase profits. There’s more to it than that though. 

You can also boost sales by providing more to your customers. Again, our technologies like kiosks give customers more options. They can order when, where, and how they like. By empowering customers, you can create loyal customers that keep coming back. 

So with advantages like that, it’s clear to see how Local Express can help you increase your revenue. However, let’s take some time to look closer at our self-service kiosks and what they can offer your business.

Creating New Revenue Opportunities with Kiosks

Kiosk Features

Our self-service kiosks have numerous features that can help you boost revenue, provide a better customer experience, and more. So let’s take a look at the features you can take advantage of with our kiosks:

1. Turnkey solution. Our self-service kiosks are ready to go, so you won’t have to spend time getting them set up.

2. Cross-platform. These kiosks are a cross-platform solution that provides the right tools to instantly sell and update products. 

3. Tableside ordering tablets. With tableside ordering tablets, you can empower customers and streamline your ordering process. 

4. Simple payment flow. Payments are made easy with self-service kiosks. Your customers can pay easily and quickly with a variety of payment methods.

5. Analytics technologies. With Local Express, you’ll get a comprehensive backend dashboard with full KPI and analytics. On top of that, we offer a time-saving automated order staging bin system.

6. Intuitive CMS. Thanks to an easy-to-use CMS, you can use your kiosk as digital signage when not in use. 

7. Third-party integrations. Integrations are a breeze with Local Express. Our ecommerce platform and kiosks integrate with most third-party tools, meaning you won’t need to stress about integrations.

8. Upselling. Thanks to automatic customer data collection, our kiosks can boost sales via upselling.

With a list of features like that, it’s easy to see how our self-service kiosks can be a huge benefit to your business. However, our kiosks can do more than help you; they can help your customers too.

Give Customers What They Want

Modern customers have different demands than in the past. They want more options, more flexibility, more control, and more. Whether you are a grocery, butcher shop, bakery, or other food retailer, it’s your responsibility to meet those demands. That’s where Local Express comes in. 

We offer a wide range of technologies and tools, including our self-service kiosks, that can help you meet customer needs. With our ecommerce platform by your side, you’ll have no problem ensuring your customers are satisfied. 

For example, today’s customers want delivery and pick-up options. They want to be able to get their products when and where they want. And with Local Express, you can provide options like curbside pick-up, BOPIS, delivery options, and more. 

Modern customers also want to buy products when and where they want. That can mean online via a phone, or computer, in-store, in-store via a kiosk, and more. Providing all of those options has been a challenge in the past, but not anymore. 

Our ecommerce platform allows for a multitude of purchasing options. From a fully customizable and branded app to in-store kiosks, your customers will be able to order products however they want with Local Express. 

With Local Express by your side, you’ll have everything you need to give your customers exactly what you want. Gaining customers, keeping customers, and growing sales are simple with our tools at your fingertips. So consider Local Express when choosing an ecommerce platform.

Creating New Revenue Opportunities with Kiosks

Elevate Sales With Local Express

Grocery and food retail can be a tough business, especially with the demands of modern customers. Finding ways to create new revenue opportunities while providing your customers the service they expect can feel impossible. However, we’re here to help. 

With Local Express, you’ll have a whole suite of tools at your disposal. Creating new revenue opportunities and satisfying your customers will be easy when you work with Local Express. 

So take action and elevate your sales with Local Express. Get started with Local Express and see why we have the best ecommerce platform around. 

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