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Understanding the best way to deliver products to your customers is a significant part of running your eCommerce business. That’s why we’re excited to introduce Local Express Shipping Services, our newest platform feature. Shipping Services joins Delivery, Rush Delivery, Pickup, and Curbside Pickup to bring your business even more ways to fulfill orders.

What is Shipping Services? 

While Delivery allows you to send a courier from your grocery store or restaurant, Shipping uses a certified shipping service – think UPS or DHL – to fulfill your order.

Shipping Services let you deliver goods to customers who are outside your delivery zone, resulting in more sales opportunities for your business.

Why Does Local Express Offer Shipping Services?

Our ultimate goal is to help you provide the best possible service to your customers. By offering a variety of order fulfillment options, you can create a great last-mile logistics experience. 

Different people appreciate different kinds of delivery experiences. For example, Rush Delivery lets customers who are short on time avoid a trip to the store. When COVID-19 hit, our curbside pickup feature gave people access to semi-contactless delivery. Getting the essentials while interacting minimally with strangers continues to be a priority for many people. 

Shipping Services expands on these options by adding several new shipping providers to your toolkit, making it easier for your customers to get what they need at a time and price that works for them.

We’ve created an easy setup process to seamlessly activate and use Local Express Shipping Services. Combined with great customer service, Shipping Services can be a great asset in winning over the eCommerce market and increasing your sales. 

How to Enable Shipping Services

Start by activating Shipping in your online store. You can find the Enable Shipping toggle under the Delivery settings of your partner account. Once you save your changes, the new shipping settings will be updated automatically.

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Now that your store is configured for shipping, mark which products are available for this delivery method. Be sure to consider product expiration dates, sizes, and other details that can affect shipping processes.

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What About Shipping Rates? 

Your customers have access to a variety of local shipping and delivery options through our vast and ever-growing network of partners, so they can choose the one that suits their financial and time-related needs.

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When placing their order, customers are prompted to choose a shipping date and price from a menu. Our shipping network includes UPS, DHL, USPS, and others. Each of these providers comes with a different price tag, and the customer is empowered to choose whatever works best for them. 

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Once their order is placed, the customer can track it on your app or website. 

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Learn more about shipping settings in our help center.

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