Boost Your Small Grocery Store with Effective Loyalty Programs

Boost Your Small Grocery Store with Effective Loyalty Programs Local Express

Small grocers are pulling out all the stops to compete with big names like Amazon Foods and Walmart. But independent stores have high hurdles to overcome when it all boils down to price. What can they do to keep their customers coming back? 

Worth $5.57 billion in 2022, the global loyalty management market is a thriving one, and its value is on the rise. Loyalty programs give customers the chance to build up points based on the number of shops or the amount they spend, enabling them to access better discounts on their next visit. The good news for grocers is that they can learn a little more about the customer each time too.

Knowing your customer helps you to cater your stock to their unique tastebuds. Each time a customer visits and pays with their loyalty app, you can understand what they’re buying and the times they like to visit so you can target offers at a personal level based on their preferences. That way, you will increase customer satisfaction and even gain more effective control over your product movements. 

So, what’s the best way to leverage a loyalty program?

1. Create a mobile app: As customers look for better deals due to rising inflation, grocery app users shot up 77% in May 2022 compared to the previous year. Apps are the perfect place to communicate with customers and show them how many rewards they have.

2. Offer rewards: When customers use their loyalty apps, you can track their shopping history, giving you the data to personalize your recommendations. Rewards can vary from free delivery for your customers down the block to discounts on their favorite goods.

3. Sync your POS system: When customers make payments in-store, give them the option to pay via the app or allow them to load their receipts into their mobile app once they get home. Nevertheless, with POS systems like Local Express, stores can customize their process since every store location is unique and there are many alternative payment methods available.

4. Train staff: If a customer goes to make a payment, train your staff to ask if they have a loyalty account. This will remind customers to use their app and help them build their points—while you gain data to optimize your inventory. If they don’t have an account yet, a simple and friendly inquiry might encourage new shoppers to sign up. 

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