Why Customer Loyalty Programs Are More Important Than Ever

Why Customer Loyalty Programs Are More Important Than Ever Local Express

It’s no secret that holidays can be a great opportunity for all kinds of retailers, including grocers. Along with in-store shopping, hybrid and digital sales are excelling (45% of people buy more groceries online than before the pandemic). That leaves a great opportunity to use holidays like St. Patrick’s Day to boost sales and build customer loyalty via your digital store. 

At the same time, making a successful transition to a digital store can be difficult.
86% of grocers are dissatisfied with the profitability of their third-party online stores. This transition can be particularly difficult for independent grocers who don’t have the resources of the big chains. 

Still, it is possible to make the transition and utilize your digital store to build customer loyalty around holidays like St. Patrick’s Day, especially with the help of Local Express. 

Local Express and Customer Loyalty

With Local Express, you have the ability to tailor your customer experience online. Sales, promotions, ads, and marketing materials can all be customized to fit your brand and goals at the time. 

For example, you could customize your online store for St. Patrick’s Day. You can highlight products like green ketchup, special edition products, St. Patrick’s Day sales, and more. This can help you drive sales around the holiday, and more importantly, build customer loyalty. 

Building customer loyalty can seem difficult, but it is actually fairly simple – You ultimately need to provide an experience and service that is worthy of their loyalty. This can be done in numerous ways. 

Providing easy and simple customer service, a simple and efficient web store, hybrid ordering options, and connecting directly with your customers are all ways to build customer loyalty. 

Local Express is a great way to accomplish many of those, as well as to increase your profitability at the same time. 

Local Express has better ROI than other platforms, and you can easily modify your store to focus on building customer loyalty around a specific holiday or event.

Elevate Your Brand With Local Express

Being an independent grocery isn’t easy, especially if you’re trying to build customer loyalty. With Local Express, running your online site and using it to build loyalty is easier. You can customize your site to meet your customers’ needs, all while avoiding high fees.

Get in touch today to elevate your brand and build customer loyalty with Local Express.

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