4 Essential Supermarket Delivery Deals

4 Essential Supermarket Delivery Deals Local Express

Free shipping, short-term offers, or individual discount promotions – today’s customers love to grab bargains and save money in the process. These offers are no longer icing on the cake but requests by customers.

Supermarkets that deliver groceries are the perfect place to launch programs with special delivery offers. In return, customers gift you with increased purchase quantities and lifelong loyalty.

Let’s look at the four best online supermarket delivery deals for grocery stores that will boost sales and customer satisfaction.

1. Discounts

A traditional way of attracting clients and increasing purchase volume is by offering discounts on items. According to Invespo, two-thirds of consumers who have been indecisive about a product were inspired by a promotion or a coupon to purchase an item.

Integrate your discounts daily, weekly, or couple them with holidays, such as Valentine’s Day, the 4th of July, and other special occasions. At best, let your discounts stick out in your eCommerce store: By putting them in the front or a designated section. 

Check out Berkeley Bowl’s today’s deals for inspiration. The first thing you see when opening their eCommerce is desirable discounts on their fresh greens.

2. Membership Deals

With a membership deal, you can make sure this client returns to you regularly. Let’s say a customer pays $7,99 a month for daily free delivery. 

By suggesting a membership, your goal is to generate a club feeling, where people join a community and get access to commercial benefits. They are perfect for leveraging customer loyalty, and usually, they result in higher order quantities.

Membership deals are already quite big among the grocery stores such as Walmart, but smaller supermarkets can also benefit from offering the same membership deals.

For providing membership deals, it can be helpful to look at your membership marketing in the context of your supermarkets’ overall marketing strategy.

3. Customer Loyalty Programs 

HMart (an Asian ethnic store) offers a Smart Card with which customers collect points according to the amount of purchase. Loyalty programs show your clients how much you evaluate them – and entice them to check in more frequently. According to statistics, 50% of consumers say their primary reason for joining a loyalty program is to earn rewards on everyday purchases.

If you install a Point-of-Sale (POS) system into your commerce, you can reward each customer’s purchase with points. After collecting a certain amount, customers can receive bonuses such as free items, free delivery, or other specials.

4. Fast Delivery of Fresh Foods

For supermarkets, it can be essential to offer immediate delivery to attract clients. Frazier Farms, for example, sell their sandwiches and juices, and food kits to their customers with fast delivery and ensure their goods make it to their destinations ice-cold. When it comes to fresh foods, people will be acquainted with receiving meats, vegetables, and frozen foods as fast as possible. 

To install fast delivery, you will need a real-time order processing system, such as POS and an in-house delivery, or a collaboration with fast delivery services in your local area. Having both, your clients can make deliveries that your staff can immediately process and prioritize.

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