Set Up Your Online Butchery and Drive Growth with These 3 Tips

Set Up Your Online Butchery and Drive Growth with These 3 Tips Local Express

Customers enjoy barbecuing high-quality meat and slow-cooking delicious roasts. Due to stay-at-home orders last year, they had to improve their cooking abilities or rely on frozen meals and takeout. Butchers should be aware that this trend continues and adjust their eCommerce strategy accordingly.

In the US, outdoor grilling is a highly popular activity, even during winter months, with three-quarters of grill owners reporting that they enjoy cooking outside. Additionally, 90% of households in the US own a slow cooker, and 50% own a pressure cooker. These cooking methods often require cheaper, fattier cuts of meat that can be prepared on Sundays and reheated throughout the week.

To cater to these meat-loving consumers, local butchers should offer personalized cuts through their own customized online storefronts.

The Thrill of the Grill

Grill sales took off during the pandemic as cooped-up consumers sought to break the monotony of the kitchen and take things outside, though the main reason consumers report as to why they like to grill is the flavor it provides their food. 

Selling meat online requires butchers to acknowledge the popularity of the unique flavor that comes from cooking food over an open flame, which is especially true for meat. As a result, butchers should offer customers specific choices for trimming and seasoning their cut. Moreover, butchers should also try to boost sales by suggesting complementary food items such as a platter of grilled vegetables with garlic butter or a pack of local craft beer.

Low and Slow

The use of slow cookers is a trendy method to prepare a large, effortless meal that can last for several days. Butchers have an opportunity to take advantage of this by allocating a section of their online store to sell meats that are perfect for slow cooking.

To increase the value of online orders, it’s a good idea to create pre-packaged roast kits that are freezable and include all the ingredients necessary to make a great meal. This could entail not only the meat itself but also marrow bones for a flavorful stock, carrots, turnips, and various herbs and spices.

In addition, slow cookers are a popular choice for preparing healthy soups that can be enjoyed for lunch throughout the week. Butchers should consider the growing number of individuals working from home and offer kits for slow-cooker soups.

Under Pressure

As previously mentioned, a large percentage of Americans possess a pressure cooker. The popularity of this traditional cooking method surged with the introduction of the InstantPot, which connects to smartphones and enables cooks to prepare a range of dishes such as curries, tacos, and pulled pork.

Given the versatility of the InstantPot, butchers should keep up-to-date with the latest cooking trends associated with this device to identify which recipes are popular with a gadget that is commonplace in most households. By combining their knowledge with an online store that can generate consumer recommendations, butchers have a lot to gain from the digital revolution.

To achieve this, it is recommended to use an eCommerce platform that offers flexibility, allowing butchers to run online promotions, exclusive deals, and special discounts based on current consumer trends.

The meal-kit industry is predicted to experience tremendous growth, reaching a value of $20 billion in the near future. Local butchers can take advantage of this development by providing fresh meat cuts to their communities, which can be conveniently ordered online.

To accomplish this, it is advisable to identify an eCommerce platform that allows complete order customization for each meat cut you sell. These cuts can either be bundled together in a special package or sold separately in the usual manner that customers order from your store counter.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to get your butcher shop online with Local Express, a helpful guide has been created to provide you with additional information.

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