5 Restaurant and Grocery Store Marketing Tips for the Easter Holidays

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Adorable Easter bunnies, creamy chocolate eggs, and festive dinners – Easter is one of the best holidays for foodies.

To jump on the bandwagon of the culinary world’s joyful Easter anticipation, restaurants, delis, and grocery stores should definitely put some extra marketing efforts into the upcoming holidays. By spinning the promotion wheel and beautifying their own store, food businesses can catch their clients’ attention and drive new sales during the Spring’s iconic holiday.

Let’s have a look at five marketing tips on how restaurants, grocery stores, and deli owners can accompany this Easter with a fun and creative marketing campaign.

1. Give Your Design an Eg(d)gy Look

It’s a well-known fact that people get easily used to what they see every day, which makes them less attentive to advertising and announcements. Easter offers a perfect opportunity to bring new attention to your store, restaurant, or deli by garnishing your business and products with an Easter design. 

How about decorating your business with DIY handcrafts based on the Easter theme? Alternatively, your staff can get festive by wearing bunny ears and taking funny pictures for your social media stories. If you are not so much into costumes, simply update your digital menu with some eye-catching and colorful eggs. Out of all, the best strategy is to try new things and see how your customers like them.

2. Create a Digital Easter Egg Hunt

Your favorite Easter tradition can now be moved online. Gamified promotions and activities like an egg hunt create a fun and memorable experience for your customers, which is exactly what people are looking for when having some time off from work. 

Running an online easter egg hunt is a fun alternative to the beloved activity, and delivering it online is particularly safe for all participants as long as the Covid-19 pandemic is still going on.

Now, think about how you want your business’s egg hunt to be organized. One idea is to simply let your customers browse through your entire webpage looking for hidden eggs that could be popping up on their screen. Every customer who finds all of the distributed eggs can then be redirected to receive a special discount or a product for free.

3. Run an Easter Celebrations Social Media Campaign

On average, people spend three hours of their day browsing through social media – and even more during holidays. This means that an eye-catching and engaging social media campaign can become your business’s marketing catalyst during the Easter holidays. 

Be creative and choose a content idea that stimulates the engagement of your followers, such as behind-the-scenes Easter preparations, your staff sharing their quality time with their families during the holidays, tips, tricks, and recipes for the Easter dinner, DIY in-store decorations, themed online posts, or simply special deals you want to promote. 

If you want to go the extra mile, leverage user-generated content and let your audience share their personal stories. You can craft the copy in creative ways: “Post your special Easter treat and tag us in your story” or “What are your special wishes for the Easter gifts?” Co-created content like this can go viral, especially on national holidays.

4. Give Your Customers Egg-cellent Promotions 

Ultimately, it all comes down to offering your clients something they can’t get every day. This is an all-so-popular marketing strategy called the “fear of missing out” (FOMO), which is said to drive sales steeply upwards. The best promotions are discounts, free items, free product accessories, and special menus or recipes to share. You can connect your promotions with your online egg hunt, or simply register giveaways via your customer loyalty program. 

The simplest way of running promotions and customizable loyalty programs is by upgrading your cashier system with Point of Sale (POS) system. POS software is readily usable to promote products and special offers in real time. It also collects loyalty points from registered clients and offers gift registries, both perfectly suitable to drive your unique Easter promotions.

5. Offer Delivery to Your Customers’ Homes

Last but not least, with Covid-19 in mind, how about offering free home delivery? Show your clients that their safety lies at your business’s heart and treat your customers well with a free home delivery service. Your customers will definitely appreciate your offer, and who knows, maybe they thank you with numerous incoming orders in the future.

Ready for a Whole Week of Marketing?

With a tailored Easter marketing campaign, you can easily acquire new clients by drawing their attention to your store, deli, or restaurant. On top of that, you can grow your frequent customer base and celebrate their all-year-round loyalty to you through your loyalty program.

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