Local Express: New Features

Local Express: New Features

If you’re a food retailer, you know that the industry is constantly changing. Between consumer demands, market changes, and technological evolution, there’s always something new to keep up with. Keeping up with those changes can be challenging, especially for smaller businesses. 

However, Local Express can help you stay up-to-date with all of the latest changes. We are constantly working to improve our service and ensure we have the best platform for food retailers. This September, we have a bunch of new features that can help you increase customer satisfaction, improve convenience, and make management easier

These features are sure to help all of your clients, current partners, and new customers alike. So let’s take a look at some of the new and exciting features we’ve added this month.

Payment Integration

Local Express: New Features

You can’t run a store if you can’t accept payments. Payments are the backbone of any business, particularly ecommerce businesses. That’s why we make sure to prioritize accepting a variety of payment options, ensuring your customers will be able to pay how they want

To keep up with the most popular payment options, we added “Place to Pay” as our latest payment provider. Place to Pay is integrated with credit cards, so your customers don’t have to worry about their cards being accepted or not. 

On top of that, Place to Play enables smoother and more secure transactions. Tech issues can cause lines to build up, customers to abandon their carts, and more. So smoother transactions can help you improve customer satisfaction and increase revenue. And with bolstered security, your customers can be confident their financial information is safe.

Enhanced Security

Local Express: New Features
Local Express: New Features

Cybercrime is more common now than ever, and it’s a big concern for both customers and businesses. Stores need to ensure that their customers’ information is safe and secure, that way they can shop with confidence

To increase the safety and security of Local Express, we’ve implemented Captcha for EBT balance requests at select stores accepting EBT cards. This adds another layer of protection, making sure that your customers can use their cards without hassle. With our new security features, you and your customers can be confident your store is safe.

Partner Reports

Local Express: New Features

Data is one of the most useful and powerful assets a business has. Your customer data, when analyzed correctly, can help you set goals, make changes, and map your future. However, the hard part is often compiling and collecting data in a way that’s easy to analyze. But our new feature makes all of that easy!

This month we added a “Reports” section to the partner dashboard. It may not sound like much, but this new section is full of data analysis tools that can help organize and analyze data

You’ll be able to easily create reports, providing valuable insights about your business and its performance. You can also download reports for further analysis and optimization, giving you even more tools to help your business succeed.

Delivery Options

Local Express: New Features
Local Express: New Features

Last but not least—delivery. In the modern world, businesses have to provide reliable delivery with a multitude of options. That’s what customers expect, so businesses have to step up to the plate. But we all know how complicated and confusing delivery can be at times. Our newest feature however can help you empower customers while streamlining delivery.

With Local Express, partners are now able to customize delivery options. That’s right; partners can now choose whether to request a signature, proof of delivery, or a photo of ID separately. This gives customers more control over their orders, increasing customer satisfaction.

And with partners able to customize delivery options on their own, you’ll spend less time worrying about delivery. This new feature will help you and your customers, which we think is exactly what businesses need.

Life Made Easier with Local Express

Running a food retail business can be difficult, but your life is made easier with Local Express. Our features help you satisfy your customers, all while streamlining things on your end. You’ll save countless hours, and you’ll have more time to focus on the things that really matter. 

Consider choosing Local Express as your all-in-one platform for food retailers. From brick-and-mortar to online stores, we do it all.

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