Kitchen Display System in One Click for Foodservice

Kitchen Display System in 1-click for Foodservice with Local Express
Kitchen Display System in 1-click for Foodservice with Local Express

Are you wondering how to elevate your foodservice department? Looking for ways to increase efficiency and revenue while meeting your customers’ needs? We know how hard that can be, which is exactly why we came up with a solution. 

At Local Express, we are proud to provide a kitchen display system that’s proven to be a game changer for prepared food. Increased efficiency, higher customer satisfaction, and boosted sales are just some of the benefits our kitchen display system can bring to your business. 

So let’s take a closer look at our kitchen display system and how it can change the way you manage your operations for the better. 

How Today to Elevate Your Foodservice Department?

You can uncomplicate your prepared food operations with our integrated omnichannel platform. You’ll be able to serve more customers, more efficiently—resulting in increased customer satisfaction and sales. 

Thanks to our powerful tools and technology (which we’ll get to in just a second), you’ll have everything necessary to take your prepared food business to the next level. Whether that’s streamlining your management process to save time, offering more options for your customers, or providing a cohesive omnichannel presence, we’ve got you covered. 

That said, let’s dive deeper into some of the game changing technology you get when you choose Local Express. 

Simplify your prepared food operations & reduce costs with Local Express
Simplify Your Prepared Food Operations & Reduce Costs with Local Express

Game-Changing Technology for Food Retailers

We painstakingly crafted all services to ensure that the needs of food retail are met, so take a look at the tools you’ll have right at your fingertips. 

Order Management and Kitchen Display System

Your order management process and kitchen display system are the backbone of your prepared food operation. With our kitchen display system, you’ll be empowered with better control of your order management process while also increasing efficiency. 

1-click from pre-orders to immediate needs, you’ll be able to manage everything from a single dashboard. With all that time saved, you can put more focus on the things that really matter. And with a more intuitive kitchen display system, processing orders will be easier than ever too.

Order Management and Kitchen Display System with Local Express
Powerful Order Management and Kitchen Display System with Local Express

Customizable Menus

We know that menus for prepared foods fluctuate. There are daily specials, seasonal items/menus, and even different menus for different times of the day such as a dedicated breakfast menu. 

That’s why we worked hard to ensure your menus will be easily customizable. Adding daily specials, rotating menus, and swapping out seasonal menus is a breeze with Local Express. Just a few clicks and you’ll have your menu changed in no time. 

Customizable Menus for Foodservice with Local Express
Customizable Menus for Foodservice
Customizable Menus with Local Express

POS Integration

Focusing on prepared food specifically, you can seamlessly sync your prepared food menu and orders with your existing POS system for real-time updates. With Local Express, you won’t have any concerns about POS systems and integrations.

POS Integration with Local Express
POS Integration with Local Express

Cloud Printers & Department Splitting

Tying into order management and kitchen display systems, we provide other features that can help streamline your kitchen’s operations—cloud printers and department splitting.

Our cloud based printing solutions can increase efficiency in your kitchen, increasing output, decreasing wait times, and more. And with department splitting built in, you can easily send orders to their correct departments immediately

With both of those features combined, your kitchen will be significantly more efficient. 

Cloud Printers & Department Splitting with Local Express
Cloud Printers & Department Splitting with Local Express

Seamless Inventory

Our easy-to-use system lets you seamlessly manage inventory for multiple stores/locations from a single dashboard. No more switching between different websites, programs, and apps just to manage your inventory. 

Omnichannel Technology

Today customers want a consistent presence online and offline. With Local Express, that’s easy. You’ll get a fully branded app and website that allows you to have a cohesive omnichannel presence. Your customers will know that your online store is yours thanks to your unique branding. 

And from a technical standpoint, we make providing a consistent experience simple. With our robust websites and apps coupled, you’ll have no problem ensuring that you provide a smooth and seamless experience for your customers. 

Why Choose Our Prepared Food Solution?

We provide all the powerful tools, technologies, and features you need to effectively manage your prepared food business. 

Whether you’re worried about establishing a cohesive omnichannel presence and effectively managing your kitchen/orders to customizable menus and POS integration, we have everything you need. Local Express is the perfect all-in-one solution for prepared food businesses.

Perfect All-in-one Solution for Prepared Food Businesses
Perfect All-in-one Solution for Prepared Food Businesses

Step-Up Your Prepared Food Game with Local Express

If prepared food is part of your business, it’s time to step-up your game with Local Express. With our robust suite of tools and technologies custom tailored for you, we can help you increase efficiency, increase customer satisfaction, and boost your revenue. 

Get in touch to improve your prepared food business with Local Express. 

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