Kiosks: Make Life Easier for Your Chefs in the Kitchen

Kiosks: Make Life Easier for Your Chefs in the Kitchen Local Express

Food Services section of groceries is often the highest profit margin category; However, food waste, mistakes, and upset customers—order accuracy significantly impacts food services’ bottom line. But isn’t it frustrating when you get blamed if orders are wrong? If you are a restaurant or grocery store chef/preparer offering made-to-order products, this one is for you. 

Today, the trend is: Out with a la carte, in with grocery store food service, and deli sales are up 19.2% from the pre-pandemic period. Yet, the difficulty in the kitchen occurs when customers’ orders are misunderstood, or staff members forget to share special requests with the chef/preparer. 

Rather than losing money and time having to provide a second, correct order for free, food service providers are prioritizing getting orders quickly and accurately to chefs, and kiosks are here to help. 

Printed Precision for Every Receipt

When a customer orders a hamburger, the chef knows it comes with cheese, onion, relish, lettuce, tomato, and a salsa of choice. The order taker may not. So when a customer requests extra cheese, skip the lettuce and ask: ‘Is it possible to swap the relish for olives?’ The server or cashier may not only be overwhelmed and miss a few details but could also answer no—even when this order is a possibility. 

Kiosks are the tech disruption US groceries, hospitality, and QSRs needed. Thanks to kiosks, the US food service scene is expected to double in growth by 2027. At Local Express, our interactive kiosks and kitchen display system (KDS) and printers translate every order accurately, directly from the customer and in printed form, so the kitchen staff is instantly informed with accurate information. 

A Computer Never Forgets a Recipe

Let’s go back to our hamburger example. Your restaurant has olives, so the lucky customer’s quirky request is a go. Local Express kiosks have unlimited customization options, making every product combination possible. With the user-friendly dashboard, customers can interact with the kiosk, search for their items, and seamlessly find all the upgrade options to make their dream snack.

Chefs can use their expertise to help build the perfect menu pairings to display on kiosks. Once it’s set up, the customer can select any possibility you are ready to prepare each time they enter the touchscreen device.

It’s not only the customer that benefits. Kiosk data helps chefs, inventory, and marketing teams officially track the most common upgrades and enhance offerings based on their specific customers. This way, they keep their customers happy and can better manage their stock.

We know food services are growing in grocery stores, but this is an opportunity online, too. Marketplace and white-label e-commerce stores often have deli, bakery, and catering departments with a list of prepared items. But with your kiosk data, adding build-your-own sandwiches, salads, and meals to your delivery service couldn’t be simpler. Chefs can receive the same ticketed orders, and your customers can receive personalized orders from home.

If you have food service and are overburdened with orders—use our system to make your life easier.

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