Is Your Food Retail Business Ready for 2024?

Is Your Food Retail Business Ready for 2024?
Is Your Food Retail Business Ready for 2024? 

2024 is set to be a landmark year for food retail businesses; are you ready? As a food business owner, you need to be ready for the constant changes the market throws at you. And if you prepare for the upcoming year, 2024 just might be when you finally hit the sales numbers you’ve always dreamed of. 

At Local Express, we have all the tools and technology you need to make 2024 your best year yet. So let’s look at a few of the key features that will help you change with the times and be successful in the coming year. 

1. One Click Kitchen Display System

Prepared food is a cornerstone of many food businesses, but their kitchen display system often holds them back. However, that is not the case with Local Express. 

Our one click kitchen display system empowers you and your team to receive and process prepared food orders simply and efficiently. 

Here are a few key features of our one click kitchen display system:

Pre-orders before holidays, giving you more time to prepare.
Forecasts on performance that let you analyze, adjust, and anticipate for future demand. 
• A modern, user-centric design that is customizable, ensuring its looks fit your brand.
• A simple to use interface that cuts out on wasted time, stress, and troubleshooting.
Customer reports that give you a better understanding of your customers. 
• Ability to blend multiple kitchen processes together, saving you time and money on every order.

And those are just a few of the highlights. Our one click kitchen display system also has all the basic functionality you’d expect. And since it’s easy to use, you can quickly implement it and start streamlining your kitchen and ordering processes. 

The best part is that these features help you save time and increase revenue simultaneously. With a more efficient ordering system, your kitchen will be able to function more efficiently. And our pre-order system will help you take on even more orders, raising revenue. 

Pre-orders give you more time to prepare
Pre-orders give you more time to prepare
A modern, user-centric design
A modern, user-centric design

2. In-Store Kiosks

Kiosks may seem small, but they are quickly becoming an incredibly powerful and essential tool for food businesses. They can help you increase efficiency, lower operating costs, and increase customer satisfaction—all while boosting sales greatly. 

Our Local Express in-store kiosks have been proven to increase revenue. We have countless customers who have seen their sales skyrocket after implementing our kiosks. How? Well, let’s take a closer look. 

Business A drives a hundred customers to their prepared food and juice/drinks deparments  each day. Their AOV is $12, and their typical monthly “deli” revenue is $25000. 

After implementing a kiosk, their monthly revenue jumped by $12,000. That’s a 45% increase in additional revenue. 

But the kiosks don’t go away after a month. That increased revenue continues and also save on labor costs over time. That is a staggering amount of potential profit, all from implementing kiosks. 

And on top of that, customers are happier too. With lower operating costs, boosted revenue, and increased customer satisfaction, it seems like a no-brainer—your food retail business needs kiosks in 2024. 

Self-Service Food Kiosk
Self-Service Food Kiosk
In-Store Kiosks
In-Store Kiosks

3. Powerful Delivery System

Since you run a food retail business, you understand how important delivery is. Delivery can be make or break when it comes to a food business. If you can’t get products to customers quickly and correctly, they will shop elsewhere. 

When you work with Local Express though, you’ll get access to our incredibly powerful delivery system that makes things easy. From last mile delivery and nationwide shipping to everything in between, we have you covered. 

Our one-click local 3rd-party delivery bidding system has more than 100 delivery service partners, including Doordash and Uber Eats. We work with most delivery service providers, so you’ll be able to ship with whoever you want.

Your customers will also have plenty of options to choose from. Whether they want BOPIS, curbside pick-up, home delivery, or something else, they’ll be able to get their products exactly how they want. 

And if you’re worried about special shipping, that’s simple too. Our system makes it easy to add special shipping options such as dry-ice, so you can rest easy knowing your products arrive in perfect condition

Together, that all adds up to an incredible value for your business. Better delivery means more satisfied customers, which means repeat business. And since our delivery system is efficient, you’ll save time (and therefore money) too.

Kitchen Display System with Local Express
Powerful Delivery System with Local Express

4. AI and Manual Merchandising

If you’re looking for ways to increase your revenue in 2024, then you should consider taking a look at merchandising. It can be one of the best and most effective ways to increase sales, and with Local Express, merchandising is made easy. 

To start, we’re proud to offer our new AI merchandising feature. Utilizing the power of AI, you can automatically merchandise your products. And since the AI can reference customer and sales data, it can make smart decisions that result in more sales. 

And the best part is that it takes even less time than doing it yourself. You can leverage the power of AI to increase sales via intelligent merchandising, and you can save time that could be better spent elsewhere.

What if you want to do it manually though? As smart as AI is, there are still things that require a human touch—which is why we’ve also made manual merchandising simple. 

With our efficient and intuitive dashboard, you’ll be able to quickly merchandise your products in a few clicks. 

These two merchandising tools have the potential to greatly increase your revenue while saving you valuable time. With benefits like that, the choice should be simple. 

AI and Manual Merchandising with Local Express
AI and Manual Merchandising with Local Express

5. Online Ordering

Last but not least—online ordering. If you want your food business to be successful in 2024, then you need to implement online ordering. 

With Local Express, online ordering has never been easier. You’ll get a fully branded webstore and mobile app, ensuring your customers can order how and when they want. And as expected, that means more sales for your business. 

Best of all—we’ll have it all ready to go in no-time, that way you can start making sales immediately. And if you’re looking to merge to Local Express, that’s simple too. We integrate with most other systems, guaranteeing a quick and smooth transition. 

Easy Online Ordering with Local Express

Prepare for 2024 with Local Express

2024 is likely to be a big year for food retail businesses, and now is the time to prepare so you can make the most of it. Increase efficiency, customer satisfaction, and revenues by choosing Local Express. We are fully prepared and committed to help you make 2024 the best year yet. So stop waiting and get started today!

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