How groceries can boost growth beyond COVID-19

groceries boost growth

Recent pandemic outbreaks redefined the fundamental logic retail businesses regulate with.  Seeking new approaches, grocers and supermarkets turned to online solutions, due to the fact that 70% of shoppers have purchased groceries online in 2020.

Naturally, expanding business online brings forward new challenges. The decisions of groceries to boost growth and to meet both the increase in demand and the new competitive landscape will determine their position far beyond 2020. 

Apart from building efficient online stores, grocers of all sizes had to incorporate such attributes as data and personalization, flexibility, and new technology to ensure a successful online presence not only during but after the pandemic. 

Personalization is a great way to simplify the online shopping experience for the customer, helping them to save time.

Flexibility with the delivery hours or offering both scheduled curbside pickup and home delivery options: these changes will help revolutionize the grocery experience as grocers remain flexible to meet demand beyond the pandemic.

New technology plays a major role during the pandemic. Grocers can manage their extended categories and can use technology to manage inventory and synchronize the availability of their products online and in-store. 

Whether small, large, or mid-range, grocery stores not only strive to survive but thrive after 2020 should embrace a similar mindset. Preparation, based on consumer demands, is the difference between keeping up with consumer demand or withering away due to lack of innovation.

Here Bagrat Safaryan, the CEO of Local Express shares more thoughts on how groceries can boost growth and continue striving after the pandemic.

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