Finding The Best eCommerce Platform For Restaurants

Best ecommerce platform for restaurants

The shifts of 2020 have shown the continued value of setting up the best online platform for restaurants. Selling food online in California, in particular, has given restaurants the business they need to stay in operation. Yet no matter the location, restaurants across the United States are adapting to a new online-first sales environment, and need the best eCommerce platform to meet their needs.

There are several key aspects to look for when finding the best eCommerce platform for restaurants. Here are the main attributes to keep in mind when searching for a service to sell food online.


Personalization and consumer choice are key in any e-tail environment, and the same is true when it comes to restaurants—although not all platforms offer the right options. Customization needs to go beyond picking which type of sauce to include or whether the customer needs disposable cutlery with their order.

Nowadays, eCommerce shoppers want both a product and experience that’s tailored to their unique specifications. Creating a unique plate rather than a standard order, for example, is a great way to create repeat customers by offering a huge variety of options.

The best eCommerce platform for restaurants is one that can offer this customization in a way that works for customers. Grill City, a famous Filipino restaurant chain, was able to do just that by using Local Express’s turn-key platform to meet their customer’s needs. Find out more in our blog.

A Robust Backend

The right eCommerce platform for restaurants doesn’t just work for customers. Business owners as well need the right tools to fully bring their restaurant’s menu options and atmosphere to the digital space.

One of the biggest differentiators among restaurant eCommerce platforms is the ability to offer the right promotions and deals. In a sea of digital competition, having lucrative offers and putting them in front of key customers is an essential asset for restauranteurs. Moreover, the ability to easily set-up the eCommerce storefront and maintain it without having to spend their valuable time on extensive training.

Long-Term Success

The eCommerce revolution in food sales is here to stay. Online storefronts are no longer just a nice-to-have for restaurants; in fact, the right platform can be the difference between middling results and greater success in the new frontier of prepared food sales.
To learn more about creating a customizable infrastructure your customers will love, reach out to us today to get started building your best online restaurant storefront.

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