The #1 Software to Grow Your Food and Beverage Businesses: Cutting Costs with Automation and Technology

The #1 Software to Grow Your Food and Beverage Businesses: Cutting Costs with Automation and Technology Local Express

As business owners, we are always looking for ways to optimize operations and cut costs. This is especially true for grocery stores, as there are numerous processes that can be made more efficient and affordable. 

However, finding ways to effectively cut costs without sacrificing quality or the customer experience can be challenging. If you cut employees, you risk having poor inventory management and customer service, leaving your customers disappointed. 

One way you can improve efficiency and cut costs while preserving your quality and standards is with automation and technology. These technologies can save you money, improve operations, and better the customer experience all at the same time. 

For example, our self-ordering kiosks offer numerous benefits for your grocery store. With kiosks, fewer employees are needed for ordering lanes. This can free those employees up to focus on other important tasks, such as inventory management. 

They can also give customers more choices in their personal experience. They can avoid lines and use the kiosk to place orders. They can customize their orders more freely. They can have the choice between ripe bananas and ones that are still green. 

Kiosks have also been shown to increase revenues via up-selling. This same tech could also be used to suggest alternative choices when a product is out of stock, keeping that sale from going somewhere else. 

One of the biggest advantages though is data collection. As mentioned earlier, customer data is essential when it comes to effective inventory management. The data collected by your kiosks can help you get better data on your customers’ preferences and habits, allowing you to better meet their needs and stock your products more efficiently. 

One Dashboard, Multiple Storefronts

Inventory management becomes even more of a hassle if you have multiple storefronts. Dealing with separate dashboards and interfaces for each storefront can take up an enormous amount of time, as well as induce stress. 

This can be avoided if you have a single dashboard for all your storefronts. With LocalExpress, all of your storefronts are accessible from the same dashboard. You no longer have to deal with switching between dashboards to check on inventory or sales. 

If you’ve struggled with having multiple dashboards in the past, it should be easy to see why this is so beneficial. The amount of time you save is huge, and it frees you up to spend more time on other things that matter, like inventory management. 

It can also make it much easier to see and track inventory across multiple stories. You can log into one dashboard and see which products are out of stock at which stores, which products are selling fast and need to be restocked soon, etc. With a single dashboard, you can save time, get more efficient, and better manage your inventory. 

Success Stories

To highlight how impactful our services can be, let’s look at a few of our success stories. Seafood City is the largest supermarket chain in the US and Canada catering mainly to the Filipino/Asian market, and we have helped them further excel. With our services, they are able to provide a better and more consistent customer experience, while also optimizing things on the backend. This is what Seafood City has to say about our services:

“Local Express is instrumental in not only creating the best face of Seafood City online but also optimizing the backend eCommerce operations and synchronizing with our POS and other systems so every shopping trip is as close to perfect for the customer as possible.”

They aren’t the only ones though. Green Vine market is a specialty halal market in Plano that is quickly gaining popularity for its unique product selection. We have helped them offer customers more customization and greater flexibility, on top of a better digital experience for managing their inventory. Green Vine’s owner said this about Local Express:

“With Local Express, we are getting online ordering services more quickly, a wider variety of customizable capabilities, greater flexibility, a better integrated digital experience than others, and overall, more bang for the buck.”

With hundreds of businesses already using LocalExpress to better manage inventory while providing customers with a better experience, it’s clear that we can help you optimize your store operations and improve your bottom line. 

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2. Let us get to know you and set up your store. We want to learn about you and your business, that way we can set up your store in a way that’s perfectly suited for your business.

3. Run your store! Once we have your store ready, all that’s left is to run it and take advantage of all the benefits we offer. 

It’s really that easy when you choose LocalExpress, so don’t wait—get in touch with us now and get started with Local Express!

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