Basics of eCommerce

Basics of eCommerce

The fast-growing eCommerce market represents a new frontier for independent grocers. However, taking this new step is often easier said than done. Expanding into the online shopping sector requires a plan, and understanding of the basics of eCommerce.

Why Invest in eCommerce?

Online shopping isn’t just the future of the grocery industry—it’s the present. The growing divide between brick-and-mortar grocery stores and consumers’ increasing preference for convenient, online services represents a significant change in consumer culture. Yet, many small grocers struggle to find their way in an unfamiliar marketplace.

As eCommerce grows in popularity, delivery platform choices keep growing, too. Each platform offers unique benefits and service packages, as well as a list of options.

Figuring out how to translate a reliable, in-person sales environment into a viable eCommerce platform can feel like an insurmountable task. A crucial step for making this switch is finding an eCommerce platform that’s both designed for the complexities of online grocery shopping, and that makes the online shopping experience convenient for customers.

That’s where Local Express comes in. 

Most eCommerce platforms are designed with a one-size-fits-all mentality. This approach simply doesn’t work in the world of independent grocers have unique needs.

Local Express’s grocery industry eCommerce platform provides a fully customizable, adaptable experience. Grocers can choose a unique domain and customize the way their online shopping portal looks, feels, and works, right down to details like colors, themes, and payment methods. The upfront pricing and personal touch of Local Express make the service transparent and inclusive to businesses of all sizes.

Implementing eCommerce

Through Local Express, store owners can have their new online shop up and running within a week. But there’s so much more to a store’s eCommerce journey.

Grocers who cross-advertise the new service to in-store customers and encourage new online shoppers to stop into a brick-and-mortar location will likely see better sales across the board. Being able to choose between online and in-person shopping builds brand loyalty among customers and keeps them filling their carts over and over again.

Succeeding in the world of eCommerce is challenging, but worth taking on. Contact Local Express for more details on services and packages.

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