Bakery Increases ARPU by 87%—Find out How!

Online Bakery with Local Express
Bakery Online with Local Express

Management can be a time consuming and stressful endeavor, and bakeries are no exception. Between labor, software, hardware, customer service, inventory, and more, the time and cost of running a bakery quickly adds up. But worry not—we have a solution.

At Local Express, we can provide you with the tools and technology necessary to streamline management and save money, all while helping you increase sales. So keep reading to find out more about how we can help you increase efficiency and profits

Save Time and Boost Revenue with Software and Hardware

Software and hardware are seen as expenses, something you might try to cutback on to save money. However, the right hardware and software can actually help you save money—plus boost revenue. 

Drive Customers Directly to Your Bakery with Local Express

We are proud to provide an assortment of robust, intuitive, and powerful tools for your bakery. These tools are some of the most effective in the industry, and they’re sure to help you save time and increase sales. 

For example, our AI merchandising feature can be incredibly beneficial for your time and bottom-line. Instead of spending hours merchandising your baked goods, our powerful AI will make the best decisions possible, saving time and increasing sales

Create Your Online Bakery with Local Express

Another example is our new kitchen display system (KDS). With this system, you can quickly and efficiently process prepared food orders. The system allows for pre-orders, omnichannel sales, and customization options too, ensuring customers get their baked goods exactly how they want while also making life easier for you. 

Kitchen Display System with Local Express
Powerful Kitchen Display System with Local Express

Local Express also includes all the features you’d expect, such as a delivery app with plenty of options like BOPIS and curbside, packaging options like dry ice, loyalty programs, coupons, inventory management software, and much more. 

And that’s just the beginning. Our next technology is incredibly powerful and has the potential to help you drastically increase your revenue—kiosks.

How Kiosks Can Drastically Increase Sales

Our kiosks are a remarkably useful and impactful tool for bakeries. Though they can do everything you’d expect like processing orders and accessing information, they can also be a huge boon for sales. 

We looked at how our kiosks performed in a few stores, and it’s clear that kiosks help boost sales. Let’s focus on three key areas—sales, order, and average revenue per user (ARPU).

For sales, both stores we looked at had noticeable growth. Store one had a 24% increase in sales over four months, while store two had a whopping 173% over eight months. 

Similarly, kiosks had a big impact on orders as well. Store one reported a 24% increase in order value, indicating customers are purchasing more per transaction. Store two experienced a 155% boost in the number of orders over eight months, suggesting kiosks encourage bigger purchases and drive transactions.

Finally, ARPU also saw a smaller but still significant impact. Store one had a 87% increase in only fourth months, and store two had a 39% increase over 14 months. 

Based on the compelling results observed in both stores, it’s evident that kiosk implementation magnifies sales, order values, and the average revenue per user. As a bakery owner, that’s an opportunity you don’t want to pass up. 

How Kiosks Can Drastically Increase Sales
Convenient Bakery Kiosk

Artuso Pastry Shop: Success with Local Express

If you think that all sounds too good to be true, we don’t blame you. So instead of going on longer about our features, let’s look at a real world example of a bakery using Local Express. 

Artuso Pastry Shop is a 75 year old bakery with numerous locations. However, they lacked a digital presence and were looking for a way to expand their customer base, improve efficiency in order processing, and cater to the growing demand for online ordering. That’s when they partnered with us. 

With our help, their monthly sales surged by 10%. By increasing the convenience and accessibility of their ordering process, online and in-store, they were able to boost sales and provide a better customer experience

Since partnering with us, Artuso has seen numerous benefits. They increased sales, enhanced customer engagement, increased customer satisfaction, expanded delivery reach, time savings, cost savings, and much more. 

So don’t take our word for it—listen to our customers. With success stories like Artuso Pastry Shop, all you have to do is look at the results to see why Local Express is the best choice for bakeries.

Artuso Pastry with Local Express
Artuso Pastry’s Vivid Digital Appearance

The Essential Tools: A Checklist

Before wrapping up, let’s quickly review what we covered. Here is a short checklist of key features and resources you need as a bakery:

  • Powerful software that saves time.
  • Hardware that can increase sales. 
  • Kiosks that boost revenue and provide a good customer experience.
  • Management tools that empower you. 
  • Kitchen display system for prepared food orders.
  • A variety of delivery options. 

Do you have all of those things right now? If not, Local Express is here to help.

We can provide all of that and more, all to help you successfully run your business. 

Streamline Management and Increase Profits with Local Express

Streamline management and increase profits with Local Express. Managing a bakery doesn’t have to be costly and time consuming when you work with us. With our suite of tools and technologies, you’ll have no problem saving time and generating sales.
So get started with us today!

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