5 Process Improvements for a Better Enterprise Order Fulfillment

In the United States, online grocery ordering and delivery remain popular after the pandemic. Even with a whopping 50% spike in online purchases over the last several years, most grocers are witnessing a constant increase in online orders. Customers’ buying habits have changed, and they desire convenience, thus online grocery shopping is here to stay. Food stores must become more efficient, productive, and cost-effective in order to meet this demand, which will soon account for 20% of total grocery sales.

Often, the order fulfillment process can be streamlined either by using an automated system or by outsourcing their order fulfillment services to a reputable company that specializes in this area.
This will allow businesses to focus on their core competencies while ensuring that orders are filled promptly and accurately.

In this free eBook, we will tell you what improvements are essential to an effective order fulfillment process and how Local Express can help you make them. Download it now.

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