4 Proven Ideas on How to Market Healthy Food

Healthy is the new “Happy” – that’s why consumers’ demand for cruciferous diets and nutritious foods has been skyrocketing in the last year. According to ADM’s OutsideVoice research, 77% of consumers want to do more to stay healthy in the future, and they often start with their eating habits.

As a food retailer, you simply can’t let this immense market potential slip through your fingers. To get you on track, we’ve compiled five essential tips that go to the heart of how to market healthy food.

Nutrition labeling

The first step is to label your foods and menus by listing their ingredients and potential allergens. You can follow the guidelines provided by the FDA to highlight allergens. Make sure to include the information on menus and packaging and on your product descriptions in your digital store.

However, labeling is not just about dietary restrictions. Preferably, you can indicate a label for different categories, including organic, without processed ingredients, or having a high number of vitamins and minerals. In the Netherlands, supermarkets have established a Nutri-score indicating whether a product is considered healthy on a scale from A to F.

Whether you follow the Dutch example or label your food with signs such as vegetarian, healthy, or without added sugars, your customers will thank you for saving them the time and effort to research every product individually.

Introducing a health section on your eCommerce platform

Next to adding information on each product’s healthiness score, you can dedicate a whole department to healthy nutrition and products – and give it special attention on your eCommerce platform. Like CoOpportunity Markets, you can further add vitamin supplements, body care products, and healthy recipes to your food offers and create a holistic shopper’s journey for your customers.

Hierarchizing and categorizing food in your online store helps your customers find what they are looking for more quickly, which will improve their overall shopping experience at your business. Plus, since you’re showing the online world that you care about your customers’ health, you’ll already be spinning the attention wheel with new customers.

Deals and promotions for healthy foods

Anyone who has ever compared the price of a bag of chips to the cost of healthy snacks must have wondered: Why is healthy food more expensive than its unwholesome siblings? The truth is, it doesn’t have to be necessarily more expensive. It is time to counter this prejudice and set the right incentives for healthier nutrition by offering deals, promotions, and special discounts on your most healthy jewels. Inspire yourself by the Earth Fare deals, and give different products a price drop every week.

Alternatively, having installed POS software, you can easily publish coupons or loyalty programs through which customers can accumulate points and receive massive discounts if they shop more healthily. 

Send health-centered messages via your newsletters 

Now, after running weekly deals or a new loyalty program, it’s time to make your customers aware of your offerings in your email campaigns or with press releases.

You can put together a weekly healthy menu or fitness-food-kit and advertise them in your news updates. Apart from promoting your offerings only, try to include wellbeing tips, superfood recipes, new medical findings related to wellbeing, and other messages that spark the interest of your audience. Your goal should be to educate your customers to make more salutary choices in the future. You can build trust with your customers and retain them as loyal clients shopping in your store – because they will be confident that their wellbeing is your priority.

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