How Berkeley Bowl Scored a Full Strike by Switching to eCommerce

In the Bay Area of California, Berkeley Bowl is a grocer whose long-established brand is synonymous with independence, fierce community loyalty, healthy living, and incredible locally-grown produce. Established in 1977, a converted bowling alley provided both birthplace and namesake for its beginnings as a small neighborhood market.

Now established in Berkeley and Oakland, Berkeley Bowl specialize in organic and natural goods and are best known by Bay Area residents for their excellent and expansive selection of fresh, high-quality, locally-grown produce. The chain also boasts a vast selection of conventional and organic items for sale.

Berkeley Bowl knew they had to get online in order to continue serving their audience, but they didn’t want to rush things and risk a sub-par experience for their loyal, local customers. They needed a platform that would respect a realistic pace of transition to online sales and offer plenty of customization tools to suit the specifics of their brand.

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