3 Simple Steps to Create Your Online Pizzeria

We live in a digital age. Everyone from big-block pharmacies to your local mom-and-pop deli seems to have an online store to complement its usual brick-and-mortar location.  And with the COVID-19 pandemic sending many of us indoors for over a year, ordering food online became one of 2020’s greatest discoveries.    

Pre- and post-pandemic, a couple of pizzas, and the latest Netflix series was many peoples’ idea of a good time. According to Pizza Magazine, 69% of internet users order pizza online more than any other food. 43% of pizza restaurant clients say they find online ordering more appealing than going to a store. 

Taking your pizzeria online will expand your market reach and make ordering easier both for you and your customers.  If you’re interested in learning how to grow your online pizzeria business, keep reading. 


So what’s all the excitement about online platforms? Compared to a brick-and-mortar storefront, a website can be developed relatively quickly, with little in the way of time and investment. And despite being a relatively easy solution, an online storefront comes with serious benefits. They can raise your brand awareness globally and significantly increase your customer base. Seventy percent of consumers say they’d rather order directly from a restaurant than through a third party. Take Starbucks for example.  Sales from the coffee chain’s official app currently make up about 20% of its total revenue.

It might feel like there are so many online businesses out there that yours might get lost in the mix. Local Express has made it effortless for food businesses to go online. Whether it’s your website domain,  web layout, and design, or ordering system you’re concerned about, we offer digital solutions for food and beverage businesses at every stage. Once you create an account on the Partner page, you can immediately start building your online storefront – with our support every step of the way! Through the Partner Page, you can design your online pizzeria, choose your delivery and ordering methods, and so much more!


Now that you’ve created a page for your online pizzeria, it’s time for the customers to flow into your website. And to make sure they enjoy their online ordering experience, customization options are key. For pizza, in particular, people are used to being able to customize their orders in endless ways, from adding extra sauce to deciding how thick their crust will be.  Providing them with at least some customization options shows the customer you care enough about them to cater to their unique preferences. With Local Express you get to play around with different customization settings. Our automated inventory system makes the process easy and lets you update your settings with just a few clicks. 


Now that your customer has made an order,  it’s time to determine how they’ll receive it. It can be challenging to find delivery systems with affordable costs. Through Local Express, you can have your own drivers pick up and drop off orders using their mobile devices. The Drivers App allows them to deliver an order from wherever they are. The app also includes photo and signature options to ensure safe and secure deliveries. 

Local Express also offers integrated delivery services. When someone places an order at your restaurant, our AI system suggests to them the best rate available at that moment. So, your customers automatically get the most affordable delivery option without any headaches. 

You can also take advantage of our curbside pickup, standard delivery, and rush pickup options. Moreover, we enable worldwide shipping through trusted organizations like FedEx, DHL, USPS, and UPS. 

Online markets have completely changed the game both for customers and business owners. Thanks to the convenience of online platforms, now you can easily reach more customers and make more sales. 

You get to decide how your online pizzeria will look, what kind of products you want customers to see, how the ordering and delivery systems are going to work, and so on. Bring your best recipes to a wider audience with Local Express.

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