Optimizing e-Commerce Operations for Fresh Produce

Optimizing e-Commerce Operations for Fresh Produce Local Express

Modern grocers are looking to optimize eCommerce operations. There are a few hurdles associated with fresh produce when it comes to e-commerce and delivery.

  • You need to ensure that fresh or frozen products are always properly chilled when delivering them. Those who pack chilled goods should fill them last, right before the customer or delivery person picks the bags up.
  • If you offer pick-up or curbside delivery, use an appropriate cooling method such as refrigerated trucks, and cooling storage to maintain the adequate temperature for fresh goods, such as meats, cheeses, and milk.
  • Pickers need to be trained to carefully pack fruits and vegetables that spoil quickly when touched or squeezed. Furthermore, biodegradable cotton bags can help preserve freshness and save natural resources.
  • Finally, online catalogs and shopping tools should allow for customization. A customer should be able to choose between an “eat-today” and an “eat-tomorrow” avocado. Take care that your staff selects food of good condition and always caters to particular customer requests.
  • Additionally, a simple chat tool for pickers and customers to communicate specific requests can work wonders in the shopping experience.

An estimated one-third of all food produced goes to waste. Spoilage not only has a direct impact on revenue but is also an environmental no-go when you consider how much energy, water, and land are used to grow it.

That’s why effective inventory management, trained staff, and marketing efforts can not only help increase profits but also save our planet’s resources.

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