4 Powerful eCommerce Tips To Drive Sales This Thanksgiving

The fresh and juicy turkey is roasting. Bright yellow corn, sweet potatoes, marshmallows, the mouth-watering odors of rosemary, mint, and cranberry sauce…

Thanksgiving is around the corner.

As for many of us, Thanksgiving is all about the time spent with the family, cooking tasty dishes, and going on holidays. For restaurants and online grocery shop owners, this represents the perfect opportunity to drive targeted marketing strategies and reach more people. eCommerce is growing rapidly, and US consumers are shopping online more than ever during this time of year. 

Let’s get you a bigger slice of the (pumpkin) pie. Here are easy but effective ways to improve your marketing and sales strategies this Thanksgiving.


Thanksgiving is an excellent opportunity to drive your sales in November, but you need to start preparing way ahead of time. During late October, the entire November, and early December, you will have a lot to do, so, the sooner you start, the better the results will be.

With so much selection out there, making customers aware of your special offers for Thanksgiving is critical. Start spreading the word early on, either by building email newsletters, distributing digital flyers, or even collaborating with influencers.

Remember, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. You might have run promotions around the Easter holidays or still have data to analyze from last Thanksgiving. You can easily use these insights and learn from your mistakes. Let’s say you betted on organic social media outreach but it didn’t bring the desired outcome. How about trying a paid ad for your special offers this time?

Check your usual demand during the holidays and add some leverage. In the US, restaurant demand grows by up to 10% during Thanksgiving; you need to be prepared very well if your marketing strategy shows success.


Today, seven out of 10 customers wish to receive promotions more often, and 80% of customers immediately engage with a brand when they get a promotion – even if they never heard of the brand before.

Here’s your chance to win customers over. By leveraging promotions, you can attract customers, impress them with your service, and cultivate loyalty. Even if people don’t know about your online food business (yet), maybe a 25% off on a turkey or pumpkin will start the relationship off on the right foot.

By creating a sense of urgency with holiday deals, you take advantage of a marketing principle:  the fear of missing out (FOMO). Careful not to miss out on your Thanksgiving promotion, customers are bound to make a decision faster.

Furthermore, special deals bring customers to your website or encourage them to pay close attention to your newsletters. With new offers every week, you can build a sense of curiosity. What’s next? Will I get a better deal? Will my favorite product finally be discounted? Your customers will simply keep coming back.


Thanksgiving is the time of the year to reflect and be thankful. Particularly after experiencing the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s important to spread good energy.

Whatever channel you choose to use, tailor your messaging positively. You can create trendy hashtags such as #Thankyou2021, #Qualitytime, or #Thanksgivingfoodtips. The holiday spirit can really shine through content. You can say what you’re thankful for, organize a giveaway where participants describe their favorite Thanksgiving memory or share some great recipes.

One excellent way to inspire people to revive the true spirit of Thanksgiving is to go back to the basics. Food kitchens are indispensable at this festive holiday, and as a restaurant, you sit right at the source. How about organizing a volunteer food drive, where your customers can help your team prepare meals and deliver them across your town? Your good deeds will come back to you as respect and trust of your community. 

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