Successful online bakery business guaranteed


Set Up Quickly

Get your online bakery up and running as fast as in 24 hours! Because you already have a predesigned robust system, there’s little left to do. No worries, we’ll onboard and guide you along the way.

Design Your Bakery from

A to Z

Branded interface with personalized colors, logos and links will help you build brand awareness and attract more customers. See what great bakeries we have.

Offer variations to your signature recipes

Chocolate chip muffins or those with mixed berries? Let your customers choose! We know how unique each bakery is, that’s why we made it possible for you to create and add your own products offering any variations, toppings, creams, and fillings.

Deliver Straight from the Oven

When a new order is recieved, set the approximate preparation time and we’ll make sure your pickup arrvies just on time. Fresh pastries and happy customers, what else may one need

Reach More Customers

On our Marketplace customers look for the nearest bakeries, which ensures more clients and brand popularization for you. We make sure our partners are well promoted and can be easily found via search.